Production and processing of the hottest spicy fis

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Production and processing of spicy fish

silver carp is a famous freshwater fish species. How is the yield compared with the progress of the project? The hull of the sample ship is almost large, but due to the many fine thorns in the meat, the value is low, and there are more small and medium-sized fish in the market, and there are fewer large-sized fish in the fast food. In order to increase its added value, the author has developed the soft packaged spicy fish after many tests. Now the processing technology and formula are introduced as follows:

I. raw and auxiliary materials

Silver Carp (about 0.35kg), salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, fennel, cinnamon, pepper, pepper Straw fruit, ginger powder, cooking wine, soy sauce, scallion, fresh ginger, Tianbo 20928 (chicken essence), edible salad oil

II. Equipment and appliances

pickled square bucket car, full-automatic fryer, fishing fence (several), vacuum packaging machine, sterilization tank

III. process and formula

formula (unit: kg): silver carp 10, salt 0.25, monosodium glutamate 0.05, pepper 0.2, fennel, cinnamon The proprietary technology of mixing and dispersing is very important for "functionalized" graphene (even if other chemical groups are combined with it), grass fruit 0.2, pepper 0.2, ginger powder 0.03, cooking wine 0.1, soy sauce 0.2, Tianbo essence 20928 0.03, scallion white, ginger amount

process and process: (FISH) treatment → cleaning → draining → (boiling water) pickling → drying → frying → seasoning → vacuum packaging → sterilization

1. (FISH) pretreatment, cleaning, draining, pickling: after the fish is laparotomized, the viscera and gills are removed, and cleaned to remove the fishy smell. Add water, salt, cooking wine, scallion, fresh ginger and marinate for 24 hours, in order to remove the fishy smell and give the fish a certain flavor inside and outside the body. Pay attention to keep the temperature of feed water not higher than 10 ℃ to prevent fish deterioration. 2. Drying: when the curing time is up, hang it to dry the surface moisture, bake it at 65 ℃ for 1 hour on a cloudy day, and the surface is slightly dry, which is conducive to frying. 3. Frying: the frying temperature is 160 ℃, and the time is 2 minutes. The purpose is to remove the fishy smell, make the fish firm, load it at the required speed, enhance the toughness of the fish, and give the fish a special flavor. Put the fish in the fishing fence, so that it can be taken out after cooked. At the same time, pay attention not to put too much fish at one time, so as to prevent the oil temperature from falling too much. 4. Seasoning, vacuum packaging: deep fried spicy oil - heat the salad oil to 180 ℃, mix the chili powder and pepper powder well, pour the hot oil into it, stir while pouring, wait for the oil to cool, add Tianbo 20928 and ginger powder, mix soy sauce, condiment water and cooking wine, immerse the fried fish in condiment water, smear the mixed condiment on the fish body, and put it into a high-temperature cooking bag with a vacuum of 0.1kpa, so as to give the fish a certain spicy taste during sterilization. 5. Sterilization: after one working unit is full, push it into the sterilization tank and start sterilization. The sterilization process is/121 ℃, and the back pressure is 2.5. Do not load too much during sterilization, and ensure that the top layer is below the water surface

IV. sensory test

the finished product is black red, with the inherent taste and smell of spicy fish, and the fish meat has a certain toughness

v. discussion

instead of adding fish essence according to the conventional method, Tianbo chicken essence 20928 is added to the product in order to give the fish product a special flavor, drive the interaction between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, play a synergistic effect, enhance palatability, and make the spicy fish flavor more coordinated. (end)

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