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Production and sales of domestic PE production enterprises

Daqing Petrochemical: popularity has turned strong, sales are getting better, low pressure and linear rebound, and high pressure is relatively stable. At present, it is in the traditional off-season of demand, and the future price rise will not be large. Overall, the market sentiment is relatively optimistic. The unit continues to be shut down for maintenance

Yanhua company: the sales situation has improved, and the listing price has increased. The last turnover price was about 200 yuan/ton lower than the current listing price. The new high-pressure injection plastic ld605 continues to implement batch discounts and matching sales. The low-voltage device continues to produce 5000S and 5200b; High pressure equipment production 1c7a, 1f7b and 1i2a new plants will be officially put into operation in the spring of 2015 1; The new high-voltage device has recently produced some new brand products, such as EVA series ld361 and 369, and medium density series ld117 and 157

Shanghai Petrochemical: the ex factory price remains unchanged, the inventory is not high, and the sales are normal

Yangzi Petrochemical: users take goods actively, prices rise, sales improve, and inventory decline. One line of the device produces 5000S and the other line produces 7000F

Maoming Petrochemical: the linear unit switched to HDPE injection plastic 8910, and the high-pressure price was increased by 50 yuan. High probability will appear in 1210, high-density sales are acceptable, and linear sales are flat

Lanzhou Petrochemical: the production of the unit is normal. At present, the sales of our products in the province is general, and the low pressure shows signs of stabilization. Jihua company: the device was shut down for overhaul yesterday

Jihua headquarters has no inventory, and the inventory in each region is about 5000 tons

Panjin Ethylene: hd5070 is produced in double line, the price remains unchanged, and the sales are acceptable

Dushanzi Petrochemical: it produces injection plastic hd6070 and hollow material hd5410. The commodity volume of hd6070 has decreased, but the sales are still poor

Fushun ethylene: normal production, stable sales, cancellation of concessions, low inventory. The unit is planned to be overhauled in July

Jinfei Petrochemical: the price has not been adjusted, the sales situation is very good, users rush to buy, there is no inventory, and they are ready to raise the price. The unit is converted to tr480

Zhongyuan Petrochemical: linear price rise, smooth sales, inventory decline. The sales situation of high-density 8007 is still not good

Tianjin Lianhua: the price rises and the sales are stable. At present, the arrival of goods in Tianjin port is not much, and the linear price of the port is mostly about yuan/ton, and the price rises. The unit is planned to be shut down for minor repair in June for about 10 days

Guangzhou Petrochemical: Recently, the market transaction has increased. Because the stress rate of the data during the elastic period is directly proportional to the strain rate, the price has increased steadily. At present, our factory has normal production and low inventory

Qilu Petrochemical: local market prices have rebounded and continue to implement the policy of listing and overturning. Sales are normal, and production and sales are basically balanced. High voltage device produces tn26 and special materials; High density device production 6098 and 2480; Linear device production 7042. Ethylene series units are scheduled to be shut down for overhaul on June 10

based on the above, the sales of most domestic PE manufacturers are in good condition, and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming months

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