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Ningbo Shuangma injection molding machine is applied to Audi models

according to Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., after nearly five years of market expansion, a large number of cases have proved that its Bole plastic machine EK series products have higher cost performance advantages than traditional injection molding machines. Among them, Ningbo Huaxiang Group Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic automobile panel manufacturer, successfully replaced its original traditional 1500t injection molding machine with bl-1300ek machine, The production of FAW Audi Q3 closure plate (ABS material, weight 1330g) has won the favor of customers

the company abandoned the current mainstream traditional internal curved mechanical trivia structure injection molding machine, absorbed its original structure and cost advantages, combined with the characteristics of traditional hydraulic direct pressure injection molding machine, such as high precision and stability, independently innovated and developed the external curved central locking structure - Bole plastic machine EK series injection molding machine, and formed t full serialization after years of development. Through nearly five years of market development, the EK series of Bole plastic machine has shown the advantages of higher accuracy and higher stability than the traditional internal curve injection molding machine on many occasions, especially the impact of plastic bags on the environment. However, the universal material experiment is still the only and reliable way to obtain the performance of metal materials

there is no obvious swing, impact and other phenomena. After nearly 15 years of development, Ningbo Shuangma has formed unique product characteristics. Especially since 2008, the enterprise has invested 300 million yuan to establish a new Shuangma industrial park covering an area of 200 mu, and introduced a series of high-end production equipment, including Japan Mazak flexible production line, Toshiba CNC boring and milling processing center, large five sided gantry processing center, etc, Make the production conditions and environment of the company leap to the forefront of domestic peers

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