The hottest Ningxia bulk cement saves 190000 tons

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Ningxia bulk cement has saved 19000 tons of packaging paper in five years.

yesterday, it was learned from the regional bulk cement work conference that Ningxia has saved 19000 tons of packaging paper in five years through the development of bulk cement, equivalent to 110000 cubic meters of high-quality wood, equivalent to 320000 adult trees. Developing bulk cement is an important measure to save resources and energy, protect the environment, improve project quality, speed up the project, quickly find the completed experimental data and results according to different conditions, reduce project cost and promote sustainable development. It is also an important symbol to measure the level of modernization and environmental quality of a city. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the people's Government of the autonomous region intensified the development of bulk cement, successively built 8 commercial concrete enterprises, owned 17 production lines of various mixing plants, and achieved a historic breakthrough with an annual production capacity of 3million cubic meters. Over the past five years, 3.3 million tons of bulk cement have been supplied, creating a comprehensive economic benefit of 160 million yuan. The average annual growth rate of cement supply is 46%, ranking first in the country. It is estimated that through the development of bulk cement, the region has saved 26000 tons of standard coal, more than 2.3 million kwh of electricity, 13000 tons of cement dust emission and 160000 tons of cement loss in the past five years

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