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Ningxia power generation group has created the "Ningxia model" of wind power construction

the resources relied on by traditional energy are decreasing day by day, and the environmental harm is increasing day by day. The world has turned its attention to renewable energy. Ningxia, located in the northwest corner, also hopes to change the single energy structure and achieve sustainable development

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"only by developing traditional energy and renewable energy in a certain proportion, can the energy structure of Ningxia become more reasonable." Recently, in a small conference room of Ningxia power generation group, Liu yingkuanxiang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, said

Liu yingkuan said that if the group had not implemented the development strategy of the renewable energy industry and the traditional energy industry in the early years, it would not be possible to quickly respond to the current sudden financial crisis

challenge the traditional energy structure

on November 23, 2003, Helanshan wind power plant and power generation, rewriting the history of Ningxia with only hydropower and thermal power

this year, the autonomous region proposed to build the table magnetic flux leakage group limited by the verification regulation of electric vibration table of Ningxia power generation group into one of seven enterprises with sales revenue of more than 10 billion. How can we achieve 10billion? This is a serious subject. Liu yingkuan said that we have to think about which industries can increase the contribution rate. The whole energy structure of Ningxia is traditional. Considering the long-term strategy, it is impossible to challenge the energy structure without making a breakthrough in wind power

in 2006, the group decided to replace the gasket if necessary in the new development war, which is to unswervingly promote the coordinated and rapid development of renewable energy and traditional energy industries. For an enterprise that has not been established for a long time and basically started from scratch, it undoubtedly shows the courage and determination to break the wrist

it is possible to tighten the screws. Facts have proved that under the guidance of the new strategic management concept, Ningxia power generation group has been brilliant all the way

the construction scale of changshantau wind power plant phase I project is 49.5mw. The project was started on July 27th, 2006, and power was generated on March 8th, 2007. It took only seven months and nine days, creating a miracle of wind power construction

when inspecting changshantau wind power plant, Chen Jianguo, Secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region, said that the scale of wind power generation in Ningxia is not the largest in the country at present, but the development speed is the fastest. Ningxia power generation group adheres to the principle of running fast in small steps and producing at the same time. In three years, it has built Helanshan wind power plant, the largest single wind power plant in the country, with 132 units put into operation and a total installed capacity of 112.2mw, creating the "Ningxia model" of wind power construction in the country

highlight the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction

as of June 23, 2009, the installed capacity of wind power of Ningxia power generation group has reached 316.2mw. By the end of the year, the total installed capacity will reach 500MW, and the annual power generation will be about 1billion kw H. It can achieve a sales revenue of 560million yuan, save 350000 tons of standard coal every year, reduce soot emissions by 4750 tons, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.05 million tons, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 3920 tons, and save 500000 tons of water

at present, the company is carrying out large-scale development of wind farms in Helan Mountain, Taiyang mountain, Hongsibao and Mahuang mountain, and is also carrying out preliminary work of wind farm development and construction in Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu and other provinces. By 2020, the installed capacity of wind power will reach 4000mw, and the annual power generation will be about 8billion kw H. It can achieve a sales revenue of 4.5 billion yuan, save 2.8 million tons of standard coal every year, reduce 38000 tons of soot emissions, reduce 8.4 million tons of carbon dioxide, reduce 31360 tons of sulfur dioxide, and save 4million tons of water

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