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Niobium cast iron material and its series products

niobium cast iron material is a new type of cast iron material researched and developed based on the rich niobium resources in China. It is widely used in automobile, machinery, mining, metallurgy and other industries to manufacture various wear-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts. Such as cylinder liners of internal combustion engines, piston rings, crankshafts, ball mills, liners, metallurgical rolls and other products

this achievement has the international advanced level, won the second prize of the provincial scientific and technological progress award and the national invention patent in 1990, and is listed as the national key promotion project

the service life of niobium cast iron cylinder liner is twice that of boron cast iron, and each load can only reach more than a certain load. For the first time in China, it breaks through the simple upgrading of 200000 kilometers, reducing the wear of piston rings by 25%. The cylinder liner of niobium cast iron diesel locomotive can reach 400000 kilometers, which is more than twice the service life of the original material. Niobium cast iron metallurgical rolls cover nearly 1800 colleges and universities than the original alloy steel campus post, and the cost is reduced by more than 30%

the average annual output value of the manufacturer is 28million yuan, and the new profit and tax is more than 9 million yuan

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