Ash mountain will come out in the hottest 11 days,

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Ash will come out in 11 days! Shantui Jianyou new mixing plant starts a rapid service journey

ash can be discharged in 11 days! Recently, with the efforts of shantuiyou after-sales service engineers, sjhzsh bucket (tipping and unloading) concrete mixing plant took only 11 days to achieve ash discharge, allowing shantuiyou to quickly start the customer service journey of the first foundation free quick loading concrete mixing plant in Yili, Xinjiang

the main building of the equipment adopts the foundation free quick installation design, which plays a positive role in realizing rapid installation. In order to meet the needs of customers who are eager to put their construction projects into production, the safety and commissioning personnel of Shantui Jianyou service support department work overtime, make equipment safety and commissioning planning, control the safety and commissioning time of each product part, and report the safety and commissioning progress, on-site problems and customer needs every day, so as to make the service more timely and comprehensive, and lay the foundation for the market reputation of "engineering excellent Jianyou"

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