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Analysis on the market trend of plastic PE and PP futures on March 17

pe: last Friday, the market price continued to fall, with a range of yuan/ton, and the market transaction was general. The current domestic linear mainstream market price is yuan/ton. Downstream procurement is still dominated by rigid demand, with little change compared with the previous period. In the morning, Liansu 1505 contract opened low and fluctuated upward. It opened at 9450, with a maximum of 9465 and a minimum of 9185, and closed at 9425, up 115, with a daily increase of 1.24%. The trading volume decreased to 760000 hands. The monthly report released by the IEA on Friday warned that the current high crude oil production and inventory surge in the United States, and the future international crude oil trend. He said that the platform was backed by China's 5 mines or fell again, and WTI crude oil fell by $2.21/barrel to $44.61/barrel. Last week, where did the error of the measurement results of the testing machine come from? DPE's transaction was better. The overall inventory pressure of short-term traders is not large, and they should not be too bearish. Today, focus on the support of the 9152 front line

pp: last Friday, the petrochemical enterprises in Northwest and South China were still down, but the intraday strength of futures boosted the market mentality. In the afternoon, the market price rose slightly, and the on-site inquiry increased. However, at present, the petrochemical inventory and sales pressure are still large, so the on-site mentality is different. The mainstream bearish expectation is that the aftermarket will be dominated by weak consolidation, and the domestic PP market will be weak consolidation, in which the wiredrawing market will stop falling, and the mainstream of copolymerization/pipes will be strong. In terms of the amplifier lattice of American BB company, the mainstream price of domestic wire drawing is maintained at about yuan/ton, and the low melting copolymerization is about yuan/ton. On the disk, pp1505 contract opened at 8248 yuan/ton, with a maximum of 8377 and a minimum of 8209, and closed at 8358, up 224 per day, or 2.75 per cent per day. The trading volume increased to 950000. Affected by the decline of crude oil again, PP futures price is expected to remain weak today. Consider short positions backed by the 8243 line, and stop loss reference 8400

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