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Wooden box packaging depends on quality to survive and depends on workmanship competition - E-line packaging wooden box

wooden product packaging is a high-end packaging material among the current packaging materials. In fact, it is not an industry that the public are familiar with and know about. Even if they know it, they are mostly red wine wooden box packaging. Compared with cartons, wooden box packaging is a less common packaging in the market. But this also just confirms the statement that cartons depend on quantity and wooden boxes depend on grade

as most people in the industry know, the number of cartons per order is at least tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. The wooden box packaging is different, mostly in thousands. In the wooden box packaging factory, if there are tens of thousands of orders, unless it is a very small box, it can be regarded as a large order in terms of general specifications and sizes. From the quantity point of view, the cartons seem to be more abundant in production. The wooden box is ridiculed, but actually it is different. Therefore, wood is widely used in the production of box packaging in the field of transportation, Any wooden box or bamboo box has more than ten or twenty processes, and the production of high-quality points can be more than that. There are many kinds of materials. In addition, most of the wooden boxes are sprayed with paint, and there are many kinds of paint. The production of high gloss paint includes bright paint, matte paint, varnish, etc. to sum up, the cost of wooden box packaging is naturally much higher than that of cartons. The quantity is small, but the unit price is much higher than that of cartons, The price on this order can be said to be even

in the packaging industry, there is no saying which is more profitable and which is more prosperous. 4. In the industry where the load display is incorrect, the paper box has the largest output, while the wooden box is regarded as the high-quality packer in the packaging industry. A commodity is a commodity that deals with packaging, while packaging is a non-material commodity that deals with energy. The price distribution of the two should have an appropriate share. The dematerialization of the form of wooden box packaging and the reduction of the value of commodity functions are the key to the gradual departure of packaging from the material level to the Rococo style of skills

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