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Wonderware's mobile solution with integrated RFID reader won the "Annual Technology Innovation Award"

on July 9, Wonderware won the "global honorary partner" award issued by INTERMEC. INTERMEC is a leading technology company in the industry, providing mobile data acquisition and computing solutions, including RFID readers

as part of the Partner Award, Wonderware was awarded the "technology innovation of the year" for its srm-3 technology in the wonderwareinteratrac mobile solution. This award fully recognizes Wonderware as a license partner of INTERMEC, and demonstrates the innovative application of INTERMEC's technology in the production of supply chain solutions

wonderware's srm-3 technology is integrated with INTERMEC's ck61 windows mobile handheld computer. This device can use RFID to collect data in harsh environments, can be used for mobile computing and data collection, and supports barcode printing and label media

natalie silvesti, director of channel marketing, INTERMEC, said "This award is to reward those channel partners who have integrated our technology to maximize energy, land, water and materials conservation in the whole life cycle and have achieved great success in providing customers with the best service. Wonderware's intelatrac is an industry-leading mobile office and decision support system, which is sure to have a significant impact. With this equipment, the hopper should be fixed so that customers can be on site and in danger Effectively monitor and manage the equipment in the insurance work environment. "

srm - 3 technology jointly designed by Wonderware developers and INTERMEC provides an integrated RFID solution for customers who use 134.2 kHz low-frequency RFID technology to manage equipment on site. Wonderware's intelatrac has been applied to customer sites around the world, with a total of more than 200000 RFID tags. These applications span multiple vertical markets, including oil and gas, chemicals, pulp and paper, and utilities

the customer site uses RFID tags to identify and manage equipment assets and inspect and verify to meet strict environmental requirements and comply with production safety specifications. Through the patented universal data tag format, Wonderware intelatrac users can not only read, but also write back data to RFID tags for future reference and monitoring

don Frieden, vice president of Wonderware mobile solutions, said: "In combination with Wonderware intelatrac, INTERMEC ck61 device users can read RFID tags on various equipment assets on site and store the recorded data in a central database for future monitoring and maintenance. The unique feature of srm-3 design is that it can record data into explosion-proof mobile devices. Few RFID products have been evaluated in hazardous environments, such as flammable and explosive gas areas 。 We discovered the needs of RFID reader users in these aspects and developed an effective solution with INTERMEC to inspect the details of the morphology and structure of tiny single wear particles. "

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