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Wisdom tooth customer service: five steps to build a "war wolf" customer service team

the recent release of "war wolf 2" has exploded the whole summer file. A film with elements such as heroism, patriotism and iron willed tough guy shows the spirit of war wolf, shows the heroic temperament, and makes the audience happy

from the movie, we can see the distinctive character settings. In the battle, there are both the wolf nature of courage and unyielding, and the team cooperation with clear tacit division of labor. Each character setting has professional skills that can not be copied and replaced. So how to build an invincible customer service team like a war wolf? In the fierce social competition, the manager of the customer service team builds a core customer service team that explodes like a war wolf, provides users with high-quality and professional services, and enables customers to have the ultimate service experience. The following five aspects must be done well:

part1 build the organizational structure of the customer service team

in short, it is to plan how many customer service management and customer service personnel are required according to the actual situation of the enterprise, and how many people are required for each position, Are things that need to be clarified

then it is necessary to define the responsibilities and rights of the customer service department, and clarify the work contents, rights and responsibilities of each post, so that each post can understand its own work contents, rights and obligations; Then establish performance appraisal objectives, which should be detailed and measurable, and form a set of scientific management system. For example, after-sales customer service reception volume, reception duration, average problem-solving duration, customer satisfaction and other objective and measurable indicators. After all this has been established, it is necessary to continuously sort out and improve the work system and process in the work to improve the team work efficiency

part2 improve the management system of customer service team

Leng Feng, the male leader of war wolf 2, makes people not only have a strong sense of patriotism, but also awe of iron discipline. In case of danger, we should rush to the front line at the first time. In the film, the iron discipline of soldiers is on the paper. It is precisely because of the perfect system that the war wolf spirit is created

in fact, as a customer service team, although it does not need to be as strict as military personnel on discipline, as a customer service manager, if he wants to have an active and efficient customer service team, he must improve the customer service management system and workflow so that all customer service personnel can work according to the specified system and workflow, which is the top priority to improve the team's work efficiency and cooperation

part3 improve the professional knowledge architecture system of customer service personnel

whether in film and television works or in life, people who have possessed the hard skills of those who intend to attend meetings are always happy. But having excellent skills is not a simple thing. Forging iron also needs to be hard. Only with excellent skills can we really perform well at work. As a customer service manager, it is usually through training to cultivate excellent skills of customer service. Training is also an organized transfer of knowledge, skills, standards and information. Enterprises usually ensure that their service ability can meet the job requirements within the specified time cycle through effective training of electronic experimental systems

during the training, customer service management personnel should do the following four aspects:

set targets, follow the process, strictly assess and learn from the model. Setting targets refers to clarifying the responsibilities, contents and objectives of training to maximize the training effect; Compliance process refers to the training conducted according to the company's internal, external, pre job and special training processes for customer service; Strict assessment is to assess the training results, training process and trainers to verify the training effect

through training, we can effectively establish a macro-control and market regulation mechanism to quickly improve the skills of customer service. Customer service managers should also grasp the work rhythm of customer service, timely carry out phased training for customer service, preach and teach customer service in the process of work, and also stress and encourage customer service staff to cultivate a mentality of continuous learning and improvement

part4 pays attention to the emotional management of customer service personnel

in war wolf 2, there is the pride of cold front in saving his comrades in arms at critical moments, regardless of personal safety; There are also humorous and funny customers who are generally worried about quality problems in times of crisis. They are not enthusiastic about ordering and have the wit to ease everyone's tension, which can be called a management model

the management level should strive to:

1. Set up a clear organizational structure of the call center, so that customer service personnel can see the space for promotion, make the performance results transparent, and quantify the assessment indicators. Let the customer service staff know clearly what will be achieved. Only when the goal is clear, the customer service staff will be motivated to work hard. The reward mechanism set up must be implemented in place, not just on paper. Rewards must be timely in order to have the greatest effect, and proper punishment can play the role of encouragement

2. Regularly organize successful case sharing meetings and discussion meetings on difficult problems, and let the customer service who is particularly successful in case service share her (his) handling methods and processes with you. On the one hand, it is an incentive for me, and on the other hand, it also allows other customer service to learn from it. For difficult problems, it is easier for us to find the best way to deal with them

3. Correctly coach the psychology of customer service personnel. Externally, customer service personnel should learn to listen to the voice of customers; Internally, the company's managers should learn to listen to the voice of customer service personnel. When the customer service personnel have mood fluctuations, they should talk to the customer service personnel in time, listen to and enlighten the customer service as friends, and give help within their capabilities

from system to training to humanistic care is a necessary element to build the war wolf customer service team. The war wolf team pays attention to fighting and invincible, while the customer service team pays more attention to the ultimate service of sneaking into the night with the wind and moistening things silently. In the service process, the customer service attitude must not be hard, but must be soft

part5 create strong team cohesion

the strong cohesion of excellent customer service team is mainly reflected in the mutual cooperation among customer service members and the joint cooperation among cross departments within the enterprise

the first is the cooperation among customer service members. Customer service posts are generally divided into pre-sales customer service and after-sales customer service. The pre-sales customer service should do a good job of handover with the after-sales customer service. The pre-sales customer service should directly feed back the details learned to the after-sales customer service, so that they can have a clear solution idea and jointly help customers solve problems

the second is the cooperation between customer service and cross department within the enterprise. Customer service is the first member to communicate directly with customers, and can get the feedback of customer related problems at the first time. After collecting and sorting out the problems fed back by customers, customer service shall timely feed back to the relevant departments within the enterprise for rectification, so as to ensure that each link can provide customers with a perfect and extreme service experience

if the enterprise has such a warwolf customer service team, the team must be invincible

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