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Wofeng technology has joined hands with Gu Jiaju to help business growth with customer experience.

Wofeng technology has completed the digital and intelligent upgrading of services through customer service support systems such as call center, customer service and intelligent work order, making services everywhere. Has it really helped the industry with customer experience? Has it enabled you to have a new understanding of concrete pressure testing machine? I hope the above brief introduction can help you! Business growth

gujia home furnishing, a world-renowned home furnishing brand, is also one of China's top 500 enterprises

since its establishment in 1982, gujia home has taken home as the origin and is committed to providing healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly home solutions for families around the world. At present, gujia household products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions in the world. It has more than 3000 brand stores at home and abroad, providing high-quality products and services for families around the world

in recent years, with the iterative updating of consumer groups, the post-80s and post-90s have officially become the two major intermediate consumer forces in the home market. They attach importance to service quality and consumer experience, and home supporting services have also become a key factor in deciding whether to purchase. Today, with the highly developed Internet, the high-intensity social attributes allow the user experience and product attributes to be quickly spread. How to obtain a good reputation of consumers has become the core competitiveness that enterprises must build

as a leading brand in the home furnishing industry, Gu's high-purity aluminum alloy products have high strength and light weight. Home furnishing is the first home furnishing enterprise in China to put forward the concept of creating a consumer brand. Set up a customer satisfaction and data marketing office to listen to customers' voices and optimize the user experience. With the rapid development of Internet technology, gujia household has also started the overall planning of building a digital customer service system

2019, gujia household, together with Wofeng technology, began to build its own intelligent service system to fully support the huge service system

01. Sorting out service scenarios to provide customers with professional services

inbound call scenarios: gujia household has more than 3000 brand stores in China. How can customers in various regions directly consult and quickly locate customer service groups in different distribution stores for reception to solve the scenarios of inbound call consultation. Through Vodafone technology's udesk call center system, it is convenient to solve the problem of unified nationwide incoming calls and service provided by customer service groups in different stores

consulting scenario: with the rapid development of Internet, various online channels have also become channels for customers to communicate with enterprises. For example, microblog, official, and various marketing platforms, how can the customer consultation and feedback of these platforms be unified into one background for professional services? Udesk's Omni channel customer service system unifies the online channels of home furnishings and meets the consulting needs of stores in various regions. At the same time, customer service can also provide professional and timely services for customers through a huge knowledge base system

complex service scenarios: the problems fed back by the home furnishing industry are relatively complex and diverse, and some problems can be finally solved only through tracking and query. Vofeng technology has provided gujia home with an intelligent work order system, which allows many problems that cannot be fed back in time to flow to the corresponding departments in the form of work orders, and then provide customers with accurate and professional answers

02. After the system is deployed, the customer experience has been improved qualitatively.

one click integration is efficient and intelligent: in the past, complex customer consultation and after-sales service problems were scattered in different channels such as 400 and, so the company could not provide unified and professional services. The Vodafone technology full scene udesk customer service system connected different channels, including and channels, It enables customer service personnel to handle all pre-sales and after-sales issues in a unified manner on one platform

at the same time, the udesk Omni channel customer service system has embedded the exclusive links of each store by accessing the OA system, realizing the goal of providing localized and exclusive services for each store. In this way, stores around the world are associated with local users to accurately match the customers' requirements for sample clamping and firmness, so that the service should carefully read the operation manual before use to maximize the role of service

process automation: through the udesk intelligent work order system, the work order submission and circulation system of gujia home is improved. By setting various triggers, the automation of work order processing process related to gujia home is realized, which greatly improves the service efficiency, so that any service demand will not be ignored and forgotten, and greatly improves the customer experience

provide data support for decision-makers: the abundant customer service system reports provided by udesk can completely record the problems inquired by customers and the customer service process. These data are deposited in the background and can be analyzed from different dimensions, providing good data support for the development of enterprises

through cooperation with Wofeng technology, gujia household not only provides unified and professional services for customers, but also meets the needs of localization services. With the support of the system, gujia household not only improves the customer service experience, but also forms a comprehensive boost to the growth of business

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