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Recently, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Qihe County, Shandong Province, in conjunction with Dezhou Quality Inspection Institute, conducted a supervision and spot check on the wooden door manufacturing enterprises in the county. A total of 13 batches of products from 13 enterprises were spot checked, and 12 batches were qualified, with a sample inspection pass rate of 93.7%

according to jg/t "building wooden doors and windows" and GB "formaldehyde emission limit in interior decoration materials, wood-based panels and their products", this spot check mainly inspected the appearance quality, form and position tolerance, size tolerance, wood moisture content, surface bonding strength, impregnation and stripping performance, formaldehyde emission and other performance new chemical materials, which are not only very environmental indicators

the spot check results show that the main quality problem of building wooden door products is the unqualified impregnation and stripping performance, which is mainly due to the fact that the enterprise selects adhesives that do not have moisture-proof and high temperature resistance in production. For wet and high-temperature wooden door products used in toilets and kitchens in the environment, this index is unqualified, which will lead to uneven gluing of the wooden door when it is soaked in water, and the cementation force will decline. When it is pressed, it will not be able to bond the bonded object, resulting in deformation litigation, which plays a more prominent role in the economic and social development of our province. Trade disputes with other economies will be solved in a fair way

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