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Suirui focuses on the rapid development of Founder broadband, which leads to low communication efficiency.

with the rapid development of cloud computing and big data, cloud video communication has attracted the attention of more and more enterprises. Cloud video conference has become one of the means for many enterprises to solve their own development problems. Compared with traditional video communication means, cloud video conference can bring better video communication experience, lower cost and more flexible applications. Now let's take you to experience how founder broadband solves the communication problems in the rapid expansion of enterprises through attention

founder Broadband Network Service Co., Ltd., established in July2001 with a registered capital of RMB 210million, is one of the first high-tech enterprises to obtain the broadband resident test license, the value-added telecommunications business operation license of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, and the network culture operation license of the Ministry of culture. With Beijing as the center and strong technical strength and service concept, the company has established more than 20 branches in Changchun, Dalian, Tianjin, Jilin, Anshan, Shenyang, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places where the change of surface organization structure in the process of friction and wear is unfavorable. It covers thousands of residential communities, commercial buildings, enterprises, institutions and government agencies. Its business covers Internet access, Internet Data Center (IDC) and Smart Life value-added services, he said. Relying on Founder group of Peking University, founder broadband is rapidly growing into a comprehensive service provider providing high-quality digital life services for smart families and smart communities

problems in rapid development

as a leading telecom service provider in the industry, founder broadband actively responded to the call of the state, actively participated in the construction of broadband network, and the company's business has been rapidly acquired and expanded in the past five years. Under such rapid expansion, in addition to the substantial growth of performance, there are also many problems affecting the development of the company

the rapid development of the company's business has led to a substantial increase in the number of communication between employees and branches, and the frequency of communication between departments and institutions. The mode of gathering at the same place for meetings can no longer meet the current needs, and the travel costs and time costs have also increased

the expansion of the company's scale has lengthened the information chain of communication. Whenever information needs to be conveyed to the grass-roots level or reported to the headquarters, the information needs to be conveyed layer by layer. The efficiency is too low, and sometimes mistakes will be made

the company has businesses all over the country, and there are many grass-roots engineering personnel. Sometimes engineers cannot attend meetings when they are on business trips; The company requires to participate in the work that will affect the employees and make them feel excluded

the company has a local conference room with an area of more than 110 square meters. Under the current wave of informatization, transforming an independent traditional conference room into a cloud conference room to connect it with all over the world is an important means for the company to improve work efficiency and an urgent demand for founder broadband

cloud video service has high communication efficiency.

founder broadband did not let these problems go, but quickly took action to solve them. Based on the above problems, the following video conference solution has become the first choice of Founder broadband. Focus is a set of cloud video communication products and services based on Internet. After the adoption of suirui, these problems have been solved one by one

cross regional conference

founder broadband branches are located in more than 20 cities across the country. Through attention, information communication between so many departments and institutions will no longer be a problem, and meetings will no longer need to be concentrated together. You can have a meeting in the meeting room of your office or even in front of your computer; Regular cross regional 226 rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) inner door meetings are no longer a problem. The cost of the company has been reduced, but the efficiency has been improved

efficient communication

by focusing attention, the company's headquarters can directly convey information to the grass-roots personnel of various departments. The information does not need to be transmitted layer by layer, reducing the possibility of distortion

mobile access

founder broadband is a provider of telecommunications services, which requires employees to do a lot of work outdoors. After the use, the basic engineering maintenance personnel no longer have to worry about being unable to attend the meeting due to working outside. As long as they have contacts, they can join the meeting anytime, anywhere, greatly improving the flexibility of the meeting

cloud conference room

focus provides a complete set of conference room system, which can easily and quickly transform the traditional conference room into a cloud conference room, connecting it with the whole world, and can also adapt to the original audio and video acquisition equipment. Endow the traditional conference room with cloud communication capability in the shortest time and at the least cost

suirui focus has actually solved the problems faced by founder in the development of broadband and greatly improved the communication efficiency within the group. The leaders of the group are very satisfied and highly praised suirui focus. Suirui focuses on the adoption of Internet-based cloud video services, which greatly reduces the cost of establishing more factories in the future, and improves the flexibility.

suirui Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional provider of video communication cloud products and services, has provided professional video communication services for many information enterprises, provided a strong impetus for the continued development of enterprises, and greatly improved the work efficiency of enterprises


about suirui technology

suirui Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as suirui Technology), founded in Beijing Haidian Zhongguancun Park in 2006, is a high-tech company focusing on the field of enterprise interconnection and video communication. The company integrates innovation, design, R & D, sales and service, adheres to independent brand and independent R & D, and adheres to the main business road of driving the company's development with innovative scientific and technological products. Over the years, it has been committed to providing comprehensive and compatible video communication cloud software, hardware and cloud services for government and enterprise customer groups. By delivering highly reliable video communication cloud products and services, we can effectively meet customers' needs for meetings (remote communication) and real-time video conferences

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