The most popular WISCO mining in Canada earns 3.5

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WISCO has a promising prospect of mining in Canada to earn 350million

it is not expected that WISCO will earn more than 5million vehicles in 2020. Mining overseas has become a new way for steel enterprises to make profits. It was learned from WISCO group yesterday that as the largest ore owner among the global steel manufacturers, WISCO earned 350million yuan from mining in Canada last year, exceeding 20% of its annual total profit of 1.7 billion yuan, ranking second to none among overseas mining steel enterprises

bloomlake mine, located in Quebec, Canada, is the first iron ore project invested by WISCO overseas. Last year, the global demand for iron ore fell and the price fell. The work intensity of WISCO Canada and the mixture that has not been fully understood and explained; The joint venture reduced the production and logistics costs of the mine, broadened the sales channels and achieved good profits

in 2009, WISCO quickly "raced around the land" overseas, adopting various business modes such as purchasing mining rights, equity, joint venture, sole proprietorship and equity participation, invested in iron ore in pendulum energy: Madagascar, Canada, Brazil, Liberia and other countries, locking in 23.2 billion tons of overseas equity resources. Today, "foreign ore" has become a sharp weapon for WISCO to reduce costs, increase efficiency and resist the cold winter

this year, WISCO's projects in Canada, Australia, Brazil and other countries have increased production or put into new production. The output of "foreign ore" will increase sharply, with an annual output of 15million tons, nearly twice that of last year

WISCO group said that in 2016, WISCO could realize the advantage of iron compared with traditional methods: comprehensive self-sufficiency of ore

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