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Changsha Evening News reporter Zhou Bin

our Guangsha Weekly reported on the 23rd that the reader Mr. Zou invited Hunan Shichao Decoration Co., Ltd. without a business license to carry out decoration through the Internet. After paying off most of the project funds (only 5% of the final payment), the project was only half done and never went to the door again, which aroused the resonance of many citizens who had similar experience, and they called Guangsha hotline 82205019 to tell them about their similar experience. The reader Wang Ming (a pseudonym) has something special to say - he used to be the boss of an online decoration guerrilla, and later "invested" in a brand company. He summarized his "routine" when he was a decoration guerrilla into five tricks, hoping to be exposed through the evening news and help those prospective decoration customers

routine 1: low price solicitation invites the king into the urn

Wang Ming admitted that it is actually very simple to identify whether the decoration is "regular army" or guerrillas, but many owners are still willing to invite guerrillas to decorate, that is, they are interested in the low price they offer (often 30% lower than regular companies, or even more)! According to the report, the "set meal" price quoted by Hunan Shichao Decoration Co., Ltd. is only 288 yuan/square meter, which is only enough for labor cost under the current high labor price. However, at the beginning, the foreman of the decoration guerrillas would swear to pat his chest and "promise not to add more money", so as to attract the owners to "enter the Urn"

routine 2: the contract digging owner is difficult to prevent

after receiving the project at a low price, he began to sign the contract. At this time, the foreman will try his best to "lead" the owner to the "trap" set by himself. Demolish the wall, OK, please pay the demolition fee; Change the water pipe, OK, please add the change fee; If the strong and weak current are changed, please pay the change fee; If you want to make a cabinet, please pay a fee... Such an item is far more than the original quotation. The contractor relies on these to earn profits. At this time, the owner is in a dilemma and can only be at the mercy of the contractor

routine 3: specify materials to earn another price difference

in the contract signed between the owner and the contractor, the ceramic tiles and sanitary ware in the decorative materials will generally be specified with a certain brand and color, but will not be refined to a certain model and specification in the contract. The contractor will even take the owner to see samples in many building materials markets, which brings a large operating space to the contractor, because the products of the same brand and different models, Prices vary widely. In the same way, painting and painting, regular companies paint with "three bottoms and two sides", a total of five layers, "guerrillas" that is, two layers on the surface, which is difficult for owners to see. This time, the wall paint of Mr. Zou's house was wiped off, which is estimated to be the result of Jerry building

routine 4: pat the chest and promise after-sales service

the customer also knows that the biggest problem of the decoration guerrillas is that there is no after-sales service guarantee. To this end, these bosses will do everything they can to dispel the concerns of the owners. If you give a copy of your ID card to the owner, let the other party rest assured; Some also promised to "call people at home as soon as they get a call" through the relationship with fellow villagers. Once there is a real problem, especially the big problem of water seepage in the bathroom, these contractors often take the method of blacklisting the owner's phone

routine 5: the circle of friends is very effective in soliciting customers

the decoration guerrillas now know how to use new media, especially wechat circle of friends to engage in marketing. Many customers trust their acquaintance's circle of friends. The bosses of the decoration guerrillas use this to pretend that the owners have entered the wechat groups of various real estate projects and pay attention to the information in the groups at any time. Once someone puts forward a decoration problem, he will immediately respond and enthusiastically provide reference suggestions, so as to win the trust of others without showing mountains and dew, and finally achieve the purpose of contracting business





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