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Parquet refers to the artistic pattern formed by the artistic processing of flat materials such as wood, stone and ceramics, and then splicing them together. The mosaic effect drawing of the living room floor is the top priority of the whole home decoration. The mosaic effect drawing of the living room floor is also getting more and more attention, and the traditional floor decoration is also increasingly emphasizing beauty. The living room floor mosaic effect drawing has high requirements for the layout of the living room. It is not a simple patchwork, but to add design elements, so that the living room floor mosaic effect drawing can be integrated into the whole living room and exist harmoniously in the whole home environment. The following are the mosaic renderings of the living room floor in different styles, hoping to bring you design inspiration

types of patchwork

1 Parquet flooring

at present, a parquet flooring with different colors and tree species, concrete or abstract patterns on wood, and a great sense of decoration has become the mainstream of the wood flooring market. Relying on the changing and colorful colors, exquisite craftsmanship, and personalized and fashionable design, it has quietly changed the dull and indifferent impression that the floor once left. On the popular T-stage, Bloom with a new attitude &mdash& mdash; Parquet flooring

floor is no less important than any other decoration in the room. According to reports, now parquet flooring is mostly made of multi-layer solid wood flooring. At the same time, different colors and textures of different kinds of wood are used to splice changeable shapes and patterns, so as to achieve different decorative effects. According to reports, some patterns even need more than 20 kinds of different wood to splice, and the process is very complex. In China, the use is far from its due level. In the mosaic, all the pieces are made by hand to ensure that every inch is natural and beautiful. Because there are many different types of wood used in parquet, they have different characteristics and properties, so we will use our rich wood experience to make them fit each other

2. Parquet door

parquet door is also called flat door, plywood door and parquet door

door leaf: generally, it is made of wood plywood through surface mosaic (painting) and environmental protection plant paint combined with wood inner reinforcement. It is green, environmental protection, diverse styles and strong sense of modernity. Suitable for rooms and study; A room especially suitable for children and teenagers

door frame: generally, it is made of 2cm to 3cm multi-layer boards combined with solid wood, and covered with high-quality PVC film or polymer board

line: it is usually extruded from high-quality wood plastic, which is easy to install and has no nail hole

after installation, the overall appearance effect is remarkable

parquet door is generally used indoors, so it is also called parquet indoor door

parquet door, because the surface plywood is flat and smooth, easy to clean

parquet doors are not as strong as solid wood doors, and older children can “ Break out of the door ”, Therefore, under special circumstances, as the indoor door of children's and elderly's rooms, parquet door is the safest and most reassuring door for families

the process of parquet door is that the surface is parqueted (painted) with environmental friendly plant paint, so users' artistic creativity can be brought into play to create their own exquisite room door

3. Stone parquet

stone parquet is widely used in modern architecture for decoration of floors, walls, countertops, etc. with its natural beauty (color, texture, material) of stone and people's artistic conception “ Spell ” Make exquisite patterns. At present, stone mosaic, which is very popular in the market, is also a kind of parquet

use computer-aided drawing software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) to convert people's designed patterns into NC programs through CAD, and then transmit the NC programs to the NC water cutting machine to cut different materials into different drawing parts with the NC water cutting machine. Finally, all stone pattern parts are spliced and bonded into a whole manually, and then polished with water grinding discs in order of 80 #, 150 #, 300 #, 500 #, 1000 #, 2000 #, 3000 #. The water grinding piece is divided into marble and granite, and it is distinguished according to the materials when grinding

4. Water jet parquet

water jet parquet is a high-pressure water flow cutting process in stone parquet, which ensures that the cutting edge is smoother than the knife joint

ordinary tap water can be pressurized to 250-400mpa by using ultra-high pressure technology, and then spray through a gem nozzle with an inner hole diameter of about 0.15-0.35mm to form a high-speed jet with a speed of about 800-1000m/s, commonly known as water arrow, which has high energy, It can be used to cut soft foundation materials. If an appropriate amount of abrasive is added to the water arrow, it can be used to cut almost all soft and hard materials. By adjusting the pressure and flow of water jet, we can use it to clean various objects, such as degumming, paint removal, rust removal, etc. we can also use ultra-high pressure technology to carry out high-pressure sterilization, food preservation and many other work beneficial to mankind

living room floor parquet effect picture appreciation

living room floor parquet effect picture: in the magnificent British style living room, the spacious living room space, noble and artistic sofa and other furniture, as well as the dazzling ceiling chandelier, are all very eye-catching. At this time, the floor tile map is inferior. In order to coordinate the whole living room space, the floor tile parquet is mainly light white, And full of artistic atmosphere, adding luster to the living room

living room floor mosaic map: geometric pattern floor tile mosaic paved the whole living room floor, such a design is generally rare, there is a kind of “ Masters don't attack easily ” The taste of. In this living room, the complex ceiling design needs the corresponding ground decoration to balance the vision of the whole space. This dim and monotonous floor tile mosaic appropriately achieves this effect, and gives the living room a sense of vicissitudes through the years

living room floor mosaic effect: this simple line of floor tile mosaic is actually not simple. Of course, it is not simple. It means that in this living room, the decorative effect of floor tile mosaic is very obvious. The original decoration in the living room is very simple, and “ Spacious ” The two characters play incisively and vividly, coupled with this simple line floor tile mosaic, not only improves the grade of the living room, but also adds the artistic atmosphere of the living room, which is a combination of fashion, classicism and art

mosaic effect drawing of living room floor: the living room on the ground floor (decoration effect drawing) and the wooden lattice ceiling (decoration effect drawing) give people a natural feeling, and also echo with brown wood antique furniture. The beige wall gives people a warm feeling like sunshine

mosaic effect picture of living room floor: for a long time, brown tiles always give people a sense of retro. In fact, brown tiles will also have a variety of styles when matched with different furniture. Simple but not simple, modern but not refined. In artists' lifelike paintings, simple lines are often used to outline the perfect artistic conception, and simple shapes and colors of tiles can also decorate a simple home style

this is a relatively integral floor tile mosaic. Now most houses decorated with floor tiles have this effect. They look clean and comfortable, and they are also relatively clean. I believe this is also an important reason why many people like to use land to decorate their home environment

editor's summary: the above is the living room floor patchwork decoration effect drawing. European style decoration makes the space high-end and high-grade. I hope it can help friends with this need! For more information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to the mall to buy more products you like





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