Fashionable restaurant decoration shows the style

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Arab style chandeliers, American pure wood furniture and traditional Chinese style carpets perfectly interpret the concept of mixing and matching

the dining area is the most colorful place in the home, no matter the chandelier, tableware or napkin

from the red bead curtain and the dining chair shaped by the Eiffel Tower, I saw romance and touching. The dining table is a very beautiful design of the Eiffel Tower, but it is almost useless. Ma Lin's mother wanted to buy the big table. She said that many teammates and coaches would come to eat at home, and she was afraid that she could not sit down. At first, there were so many people. Because Zhang Yi couldn't cook many people's meals, he simply went out to eat. "Once their teammates came and said that my scrambled eggs were delicious, and they ate all the eggs in the family." When there are only Ma Lin and Zhang Yi, the table is set. "We have a small table. When we get home, we basically play in the bedroom. We bring in the small table, meals and fruits, and watch TV while eating. Ma Lin said that the two of them can actually buy a room. They can take everything to the bedroom and eat and play here.

Yu Chunshui uses the power of color to cook and eat in the warm colors of the kitchen area. He can't help but have a good appetite. The owner sacrifices a room and places the dining area in Next to the kitchen. After this transformation, the dining area has been greatly expanded to meet the needs of small gatherings, and the connection of the kitchen is more in line with the living habits of ordinary people, making the process of cooking and dining more smooth

black crystal chandeliers and rose red sunflower chairs are the warm details in the simple restaurant. Black, shiny on the ground. What makes white pure? Black. It is exactly the gloomy and mysterious black. In Susan's home, the appearance of this color is amazing. Black turns around and shows people with a noble and elegant classic side

banana leaves are swaying, and the restaurant is in a subtropical Lingnan scenery. Yi Hua, the hostess, is a teacher of the dance academy. She left her hometown and embarked on the road of study at a very early age. She lived abroad for many years and thought she had already adapted to the life in the north and integrated into the local culture. But when the new house was decorated, after visiting one building materials city after another, I was only interested in this group of furniture engraved with banana leaves. At this time, I found that in my heart, I had such a deep complex for the plants I used to see when I was a child. So when discussing the design plan, designer Zuo Lei made a special trip to the furniture store to find this group of furniture that easily moved Yihua, and set the whole home in the style of Southeast Asia




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