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How can 80000 people barely fit 111 square meters and create a money burning pastoral style? Next, Xiaobian will recommend to you this set of decoration renderings of two bedrooms and two halls in poly Lanhai county. The owner of this case is a happy couple who are about to enter the palace of marriage. With a budget of only 80000 and a full set of furniture online shopping, the couple finally have their own wedding house. Come and learn how the couple build a warm and dreamy pastoral home

owner's decoration files:

decoration community: Poly Lanhai county (more decoration renderings of poly Lanhai county) decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) decoration cost: half a package of 80000 decoration style: pastoral style decoration house type: two bedrooms and two living rooms

owner's self statement: this year's new year's house is available, and the decoration is also very troublesome. Two people who want to work, their parents are not around, all on their own, the materials themselves, Although the supervisor also has the supervisor of the decoration company, they all know what's going on. It's impossible to trust them all. They only have to spend the weekend staring there all day. Fortunately, there were no major problems in the end. I'm quite satisfied. I'll show you the above picture first. Let's talk about the decoration inside slowly

porch and open kitchen

entering the porch is actually next to the kitchen. Originally, the kitchen was separated by a wall, but the space here is really too small. Then the aisle is dark and narrow. Finally, I simply changed the wall into an open kitchen. Anyway, I have always wanted to design it like this. Considering the problem of lampblack, I haven't made a decision yet. LG said to buy a high-power range hood and cook less heavy oil! Finally, in this way, the effect is still OK

if you don't change the kitchen, the shoe cabinet here in the porch doesn't dare to be so deep at all, mainly because it's too narrow. The cabinets here are all taken in and installed after the manufacturers have made a unified preparation. It is too polluted to do it at home, and we are ready to have a baby in the second half of the year, so we two pay special attention to environmental protection

this set of table was bought from MLL, so I know that there is such a website as MLL, which I have never heard of before. I thought there was a physical store for me to see, so the quality is easy to observe. Curtains and chandeliers are made on TB, and the items on them are relatively complete

the dining room is the living room. It is simply a partition. Originally, the two spaces are staggered, and there is no great need. It is pure meaning

there was originally a small balcony at home, but the living room was too small, so the balcony was directly changed to the living room. Clothes can only be hung on the balcony of the bathroom and bedroom. Now the bitter point of the house is that clothes can't be cooled outside the window. There is no wind at home, so it's not easy to dry. In addition, our Sichuan is blessed with moisture. So a super powerful ventilator was installed in the bathroom

the master bedroom, the finished cabinet directly bought from the cabinet, has little pollution, and the wallpaper on the wall is not as smelly as latex paint. Now the glue can also achieve less formaldehyde, so the wallpaper chosen is a little expensive, but it is still for the same reason

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