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YONELA DIKO: ANC's Jan 8th statement must be a rallying call for harder work - Today News Post Today News || News Now


When the African National Congress (ANC) was formed in 1912, two years after the formation of the Union of South Africa in 1910, a union that excluded the black native majority:1618064525324,, the 1912 gathering was intended to be the real and true union of South Africa by native South Africans and all those who identified themselves as Africans. That is why when Oliver Reginald Tambo wrote the first formal ANC January 8th statement in 1972, he said the address was more than an anniversary of the ANC’s formation, but also a commemoration of the birth of a nation.

The ANC may be be one of the political parties today, but its formation and its programmes hence have always been about the people, their struggleJohnson during recent months. But aroun, their rights, their land. In all its messages – particularly the annual message of January 8th – it has always sought to take stock of how far the struggle is to attain these rights and what the new year’s programme of action would look like.

The January 8th statement is therefore a statement of a nation.

This yearwith an eye to further reopenin, the statement will be delivered under dark clouds, a country under siege from one of the most devastating and deadly viruses the world has ever had to endure, with South Africa having lost more than 30,000 lives since it reached our countryThe report was tweeted out by Anthony Dale. Naturally, this year’s January 8 statement will have to speak to this tragedy and how the next 12 months will be managed.

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