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How about HP 27qd 27 inch hdr400 2K quantum dot display? Starting with the evaluation of

HP 27qd 27 inch hdr400 2K "Mechanical Engineer thianengsan said that the quantum dot display, which is recommended by the evaluation, talked about the experience of using it for a period of time:

first, the real experience of HP 27qd:

1. Appearance: HP's products are worth owning. The ultra-thin body design of this display, simple and generous base, and the overall style is very simple and atmospheric

2. Size: the size of the 27 inch monitor is appropriate. The previous 23 inch all-in-one computer at home. You can compare it and see whether it is a large one that feels good to use

3. Color rendering effect: a friend who engaged in it recommended that I buy it to play games for my husband. According to my friend, this monitor is a professional display effect. It looks very comfortable and the picture is very detailed. My computer Xiaobai can only see this effect

4. Other features enable them to continue to develop sustainable solutions: the monitor as a whole likes it very much 2 Check whether the upper and lower limit is the most appropriate position. HP's product quality is very good and worth buying

5. Turn to more user comments on the details of advantages and disadvantages "for friends in need to compare

II. HP 27qd JD price:

HP (HP) 27qd 27 inch hdr400 2K quantum dot dci-p3 digital film level color gamut type-C interface

JD price: ¥ 2858.90

JD activity link:

III HP 27qd configuration parameters:

Product Name: HP 27qd

Product number:

Product gross weight: 7.2kg

product origin: Chinese Mainland

Product number: 5dr00aa

because this kind of material has established a complete material evaluation system and product standard interfaces: type-C, DP, HDMI, USB expansion/charging

panel: iPS technology

authoritative certification: TUV certification (love eye)

screen refresh rate: 60Hz

size: 27 inches

IV. HP 27qd other user comments:

the picture looks very good. HP is a big brand. It's very awesome. The screen is good and there are no bad points. With my more than 10000 hosts, it's very fast. Every penny is worth every penny. Great. When browsing pages on the 27 inch monitor, the words are a little small. When you use it, you can increase the font to fit your own size. I bought it to make videos and occasionally play games. The image quality is good, which is worth recommending. I have to say that the automatic adjustment base is really convenient. It rotates automatically. I'm optimistic about this monitor. I'm optimistic about this base first. The humanized design is worth recommending

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