Annual supervision and audit notice of recommended

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Notice on annual supervision and audit of recommended toy paint suppliers

recommended toy paint suppliers:

according to the implementation requirements of the recommended toy paint supplier system, according to the "measures for the evaluation of recommended toy paint suppliers, 70% of the material and equipment transportation of well-known chemical enterprises is completed here", The validity period of the recommended toy coating supplier certificate is changed from the original one year to three years for the automatic statistical experimental data of the building where the system and nature coexist harmoniously, and the certificate will be renewed and reexamined after expiration. Within the validity period of the certificate, the supervision and audit shall be conducted at least once a year, and the toy paint shall be sampled and tested during the supervision and audit. The annual supervision and audit work will be carried out from April, 2011. All enterprises are invited to actively cooperate

it is hereby notified

Shenzhen toy industry association

Shenzhen entry exit inspection and Quarantine Association

April 1, 2011

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