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HP CEO said that the five-year restructuring plan is its long-term strategy

on August 24, CNBC published a comment article entitled "HP CEO said that the five-year restructuring plan is its long-term strategy". The full text is summarized as follows:

HP CEO Meg Whitman said in an interview with CNBC's Wall Street live studio, The above is the five-year reorganization plan for the operation process of plastic granulator proposed by Wanguan 5 gold electric network. She also explained how mergers and acquisitions become part of its long-term strategy

she said: it has been two years since we began to implement the five-year restructuring plan. It can be said that we have been on the right track. There are still many obstacles ahead of our road, but I like where we are now

when asked whether the restructuring plan will take longer than expected, Whitman replied that she did not think the company would extend the recovery time

when asked whether HP would consider spin off to create value, Whitman said: I believe HP now has a unique set of assets in this highly competitive technology department. She described HP's influence, scale and ability to introduce products to the market, and said she had a strong feeling that the integrity of the company was better

for acquisitions, Whitman said: at present, the company is rethinking its capital allocation strategy. Acquisitions will become part of our future development strategy, and we have been paying attention to many areas

Whitman also added that the company will be very careful and thoughtful to ensure that the acquisition is strategic, and we will not spend too much money on the acquisition. She is unwilling to let HP repeat the history of reaching a deal when it needs impact, but the effect is not very good

Whitman said that the company may be interested in several acquisitions, some of which are worth between $100million and $300million, and some of which may be worth $1.5 billion. I don't want the acquisition just to buy growth. I hope the acquisition can promote HP's market position

Whitman believes that the company is facing the top trend recently, including the poor performance of the company's personal computer business. The PC business is still declining and the market is still shrinking. What we must do is to allocate all our resources, research and development, and sales to those growth areas, so that we can achieve the transfer from declining business to growing business

Whitman pointed out that the growth areas include cloud computing, security, big data and the company's moonshot server system. In Whitman's view, the server system has the opportunity to cause great changes in the server field

when talking about Dell's use of active pricing strategy to win market share, Whitman said: they are very positive in the market, and we have to respond to them. When it comes to layoffs, Whitman said that through the restructuring plan, the company will cut nearly two-thirds of its staff, so that more people will leave HP. In addition, she also said that the company can create greater benefits in the supply chain, logistics and corporate business

it is understood that HP announced that it would adjust its management shortly after it released the financial report of an 8% reduction in its revenue. In a public statement, Whitman said: I still believe that our restructuring has made progress. We have seen significant improvements in our operations and we have successfully rebuilt our balance sheet

it is reported that HP's third quarter net income increased to $1.4 billion, or 71 cents per share, compared with a loss of $8.9 billion, or $4.49 per share, in the same period last year. In addition, the earnings per share excluding special items was 86 cents. Revenue decreased by 8% to US $27.23 billion, compared with us $29.67 billion in the same period last year

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