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CIMC delivers another drilling platform to COSL yesterday, coslpromotor, a deepwater semi submersible drilling platform of COSL drilling Europe as (CDE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of COSL drilling Europe as (CDE), held a delivery ceremony at the Deepwater wharf of Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. after delivery, it will go to Beihai 3, Norway, and then rotate the hand wheel to operate in the sea area. This is the third deepwater semi submersible drilling platform built by CIMC Raffles for COSL European drilling company and the sixth deepwater semi submersible drilling platform completed by CIMC Raffles since it delivered coslpioner in 2010

it is understood that coslpromoter is not only capable of operating in the North Sea of Norway, but also applicable to other sea areas in the world. The platform has the characteristics of high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, comfortable working environment and high safety. It is equipped with advanced drilling module and industrial bending testing machine. The structural characteristics and working principle of the underwater blowout preventer (BOP) with a pressure of 15000 psi can realize hydraulic remote control, sonar remote control and emergency control of submarine robots. Yangzhonghua, technical manager of CIMC Raffles coslpromoter, introduced that compared with the Deepwater semi submersible drilling platform delivered previously, coslpromoter has made 54 important technical improvements

coslpromoter, as an important part of COSL's Deepwater equipment, will further improve the company's deepwater drilling service capacity with its smooth delivery, COSL said

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