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Residents pull wires privately to charge the police community to cut "flying wires"

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in recent years, there have been fire safety accidents caused by charging electric vehicles by pulling wires privately across the country and even Kunming. In September, the police stations and sub district offices of the property management unit in some old communities in Kunming rectified the situation of privately pulling wires to charge electric vehicles in the community, and posted notices to remind residents of the community to clean up by themselves. How effective is the rectification after nearly half a month

the city times visited some old communities in Kunming and found that the situation of privately pulling wires to charge still exists. In addition, some wires and patch panels have been placed outdoors for a long time, which is seriously worn and aged, and there are great potential safety hazards

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Yongchang community east courtyard

privately pull wires to chaipeng charging courtyard. There is no electric car shed in the courtyard

Yongchang community belongs to the old community in Kunming, and there are many residents. The visit found that the situation of privately pulling wires to charge electric vehicles is particularly serious in the eastern courtyard of Yongchang community. In this area, there are corresponding firewood sheds under each unit building for parking electric vehicles. Some households directly pull wires from upstairs to the shed to charge the electric vehicle, and there is a "4. Computer: used to collect and analyze data" posted by the Yongxing Road Community Neighborhood Committee on September 5 on the door of the shed where the wires have been pulled, and remind the residents of the community to remove or cut the wires before September 5, After September 5, the community will cut the "flying line" that has not been removed

"if you don't pull the wire, how can I charge my electric car? There are few parking sheds in other parts of the community, and there are no charging piles where I live. If you want to eliminate potential safety hazards, the community should also help us solve the charging problem first." Ms. Yang, who lives in unit 3, No. 42, Yongchang community, said

in response to this phenomenon, yangjufen, secretary and director of Yongxing Road community, said that the main reason for the serious private wiring was the eastern compound. Now, the community is actively promoting and mobilizing residents not to pull wires privately. At present, more than 70 wires have been cut off and residents have been mobilized to charge in their units

"next, the community will try to find public areas and build parking sheds for residents in this area." Yang Jufen said

Kunming meteorological bureau courtyard

residents show their unique skills. All kinds of patch panels "sick" work

there are two residential buildings in Kunming Meteorological Bureau, with a total of more than 80 households. Behind the residential building is a simple parking shed built of asbestos tiles, which is connected with the residential building by wires. The shed is full of various plug-in boards, the most of which are old-fashioned "two hole" plug-in boards, while plastic is used in building materials to increase plug-in boards. Among them, some have been damaged and continue to be used after being wrapped with adhesive tape, and some plugboard jacks have been burned due to short circuit

"I bought the 'two hole' patch panel many years ago, and I haven't had any problems after using it for several years." Mr. Zhang, who lives in the courtyard of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, said. For other patch panels wrapped with adhesive tape or burned black, Mr. Zhang said that he was very afraid, so it might be a good countermeasure to install a unified charging pile

in this regard, a staff member surnamed Zhao from the comprehensive management office of the Wuhua District Meteorological Bureau, who is responsible for the management of the community, said that the notice had been posted and the staff had also notified the unit, but the residents did not listen at all. Next, the unit will negotiate rectification, strive to install unified charging piles and charging lines, and standardize charging

Xihua community

some residents believe that there is no potential safety hazard in privately pulling wires

in Xihua community, electric vehicles are parked at the door of some unit buildings, and residents of the community pull the patch panel from the upstairs window to the downstairs and hang it at the door of the unit for charging

some residents in the community did not pay attention to the notice posted at the door of the community that electric vehicles should be parked at the electric vehicle storage station in accordance with the specifications and that private wires should be cleaned by themselves. "Every family is like this, and I don't think there is any potential safety hazard. Electric cars don't need to be charged all day. They only need to be charged for one to two hours, and the line will be taken away when they are full." Mr. Li, a resident of the community, said

there is an electric car parking spot in Chunyi lane of Xihua community, where some residents of the community will park their cars. "The monthly storage fee ranges from 40 to 50 yuan, excluding the charging fee. It is 3 yuan for a charge." Xihua community bicycle storage station administrator said

Mr. Peng, the property management staff of Xihua community, said that the property management company had handled the situation together with dongluqiao police station and Jinbi Street office. "Before the summer vacation every year, the property will inform residents to clean up, but with little effect."

Mr. Lu, a staff member of Xiba North Community, said that there are four electric vehicle parking spots in Xihua community, but the parking rate is not high. The community has cooperated with dongluqiao police station and the property management office to issue a notice to residents regulating the parking of electric vehicles and the cleaning of privately pulled wires, but there are always unconscious people. "Because the community has no right to deal with it, it can only persuade residents to inform them of the danger of pulling the patch panel privately, so as to ensure that supervision is in place to the greatest extent." Mr. Lu said. In addition, the community forced to cut off the patch panel, which was not in line with the regulations, and could only urge the parking lot to cut off power after 12 p.m

Baima community

patch panels are exposed. Residents in the community are worried about accidents.

in the downstairs of 20 buildings in Baima community, five wires are pulled from the upstairs to the ground to charge electric vehicles parked on the ground at will. Because there is no shelter downstairs, all patch panels are exposed. Among them, one patch panel is wrapped with plastic bags to prevent water from entering, while the other patch panels are not provided with any protective measures

Mr. Zhou, who lives in unit 1, building 20, Baima East District, said that if the electric vehicle is placed in the electric vehicle management office of the community, in addition to paying a storage fee of 60 yuan per month, he also has to pay 5 yuan per charge. "I usually charge it every three days. Every month, it costs more than 100 yuan to raise an electric car alone, so I pull the wires myself in order to save money." Mr. Zhou said

"when the wind is strong, the wires sway, and sometimes they will always rub against the wall, which looks very dangerous." Residents of the community said that watching the rain hit the wire on a rainy day was very frightening for fear of accidents

there is an electric vehicle management office in Building 29 in Baima East District. Some residents park their electric cars here and charge them here

resident Mr. Zhao said, "I am often away from home. I always feel insecure when I pull the wire. I still can't take chances. Once an accident happens, it's too late to regret."

in this regard, a property management in Baima East District said that in September this year, the Public Security Bureau, property management, neighborhood committee and Zongshuying Law Enforcement Bureau jointly launched a rectification against the situation of privately pulling wires to charge electric vehicles. During the rectification period, if there is any private pulling, we will first communicate with the owner in advance. If there is no cooperation, we will cut the wire directly. If someone pulls again, the property management can only operate circularly, and there is no particularly effective way to deal with it

the staff of Zongshuying sub district office said that if they received a response from residents, property management, or the request of the Public Security Bureau on April 27, they would go to check and implement the situation to solve the above two problems, but they had no right to manage directly

Chunyuan community

if it is found that the property management of privately pulled wires will be removed in time

in Chunyuan community, one or two owners can be seen privately pulling wires to charge electric vehicles, but the situation is better than other communities

Ms. Zhai, property manager of Chunyuan community, said that now, the number of private wires has decreased. In case of privately pulling wires, the property management will come to the door to persuade, but because the owner can't find someone to go out early and return late, the property management can't help but find someone to dismantle it. "This kind of thing can't be solved by property management alone. If it is dismantled, it will be pulled again. The root cause can be solved only with the assistance of relevant law enforcement departments." Zhai said

★ model

the shed is equipped with charging equipment to facilitate charging. Residents praise

in addition to the situation of randomly pulling wires to charge electric vehicles, some old communities also have special electric sheds and charging piles, which are highly recognized by residents

there is an electric car shed between buildings 72 and 74 in Yongchang community. At 15 p.m., more than 20 electric vehicles were parked in the shed. Shared charging equipment is installed in the shed. Residents who need to charge only need to plug the electric vehicle charger into the charging pile, and they can pay and charge through Alipay scanning the code. After charging, the power will be cut off automatically. "This charging method is more suitable for young people. It is very convenient and safe. Most people can accept one yuan for three hours." Ms. Chen, the garage administrator, said that after installing the intelligent charging device, the managers were also very relieved. Therefore, there are few cases of private wire charging in residential buildings 72 and 74. However, due to space constraints, the entire custody Station can only accommodate the electric vehicles of two residential buildings, No. 72 and No. 74. Ms. Chen will push away those who want to park in other places

in the dormitory of the middle school attached to the fifth Normal University of heshunli, Chunyuan community, there was no private wire pulling. Mr. Xia, the property manager of the community, told that there were 56 owners of electric vehicles in the community. The electric vehicle management fee and charging fee are 30 yuan per month, which is relatively reasonable. Residents in the community will park the electric vehicle at the electric vehicle management office

in addition, there are two storage places for electric vehicles in this area, one for parking and the other for charging. There is plenty of space, so there is no private wire charging in the community. The socket is also a fixed socket, which is relatively safe

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electric vehicle charging in Kunming Chengzhong Village caused a fire that killed 6 people

on September 1, the electric vehicle charging caused a fire in the corridor on the first floor, No. 37, wangjiadi new village, yangjiadi community, Fuhai sub district office, Xishan District, causing 6 deaths

Nanchang Residents privately pulled "flying lines" to charge electric vehicles and caught fire

in the early morning of May 6, a residential building corridor in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province caught fire. Nanchang County Fire Brigade found that the cause of the fire was that the residents on the 13th floor of the fire privately pulled wires from their homes to "charge flying wires" of electric vehicles, which caused the fire. A total of 149 evacuees were rescued in the fire, and no casualties were caused. On the same day, the landlord was taken away by the public security organ and held in administrative detention for 10 days

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