Another batch of fast integrated AMT was launched

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And will form a research and development network close to China and the Asia Pacific region

another batch of fast integrated AMT has been launched

recently, another batch of high-end Tractors Equipped with fast integrated AMT that can remove the extension plan have been officially launched on the market, and have been delivered to terminals for use. Its excellent performance, precise control and comfortable driving are widely praised by users

integrated AMT is the latest generation of heavy-duty commercial vehicle automatic transmission designed and developed by fast and benchmarked with Europe and the United States. The electromechanical system is highly integrated, which can greatly improve the reliability and shorten the shift time; Adopting double countershaft, full helical gear and gear grinding design can significantly improve transmission efficiency and reduce noise; Lightweight all aluminum alloy shell design, no gas pipe and harness connection outside the product, simple, compact and beautiful appearance; The software development adopts the software architecture and development process that is advanced after the introduction of international Programmatic Policies, with rich functions and strong adaptability

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