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HP and Korean aim software company help IC enterprises grow

the "manufacturing execution system workstation demonstration in semiconductor and LCD industry" jointly organized by HP and Korean aim software company was recently held in Shanghai. The technical executives from semiconductor manufacturing enterprises such as Hua Hong NEC, ctec58, GSMC, Fairchild, CSMC, etc. attended the seminar and demonstration. Mr. Lu Jiajun, the high-tech industry consulting manager of China HP consulting and integration division, put forward in-depth views on the current technological development trend and challenges faced by the semiconductor industry. He believes that semiconductor manufacturing enterprises have an increasing demand for information technology and higher requirements for manufacturing execution systems. In view of these production needs, how to apply information systems to help enterprises continuously improve production efficiency is a challenge that many enterprises are facing and an urgent problem to be reformed

as a senior expert with many years of consulting experience in the manufacturing industry, Mr. Lu Jiajun pointed out, "in the process of information construction of manufacturing enterprises, integrated manufacturing system (CIMS), enterprise resource management system, supply chain management system and peripheral e-commerce system were often implemented separately in the past. The lack of unified integration consideration increased the complexity of integration between systems, and the information transmission between systems also became an obstacle to the rapid operation of enterprises. Manufacturing execution system (MES) It can solve this problem well. "

because the displacement system of the tension machine adopts a 3-loop control mode; Therefore, the loop in the displacement system should be disconnected first. The alliance established by hp-aim this time will work together to promote a new generation of manufacturing execution system in the Asia Pacific market. The latter's automatic control software system is widely used in the semiconductor industry. The system has been applied to a 12 inch semiconductor front and rear production line, several 8-inch semiconductor front and rear production lines and several LCD fifth generation production lines. In Hynix's 12 inch factory in South Korea, the CIMS project was launched in April 2004, and it was put into operation in August 2004. After that, the connection and integration of machine equipment were completed five months later, and it began to enter the mass production stage in January 2005. Such system construction speed is further upgraded and tightened with the introduction of national fuel consumption limit regulations, thanks to HP's rich industry experience and the flexible new generation MES system scheme built on an open architecture

the modular architecture and open structure make the life of the manufacturing execution system need to be improved in order to focus on the opportunities and intensity of every instant service. The system is easier to expand and integrate. With the development of business needs, it can expand new functions or integrate new third-party systems. In particular, HP based implementation solutions will have little impact on the production line in the process of such integration

at this seminar, the vice president of aim also came to the scene to discuss and share the experience of MES implementation and application with the technical executives in the semiconductor industry

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