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HP has recently launched a new professional laser printer

the global printing and imaging giant HP has grandly launched a new professional laser printer HP LaserJet 2410. This product is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprise users cope with special business printing. The monthly printing load is as high as 50000 pages, with high-speed printing and wide media adaptation. Its price of 4999 yuan makes this product stand out from other products at the same price, Help many small and medium-sized enterprises to upgrade to professional printing systems while purchasing easily. Take the monthly printing load as the "ruler", and use the "expert eye" to rationally select professional printing products. The launch of HP laserjet2410 helps small and medium-sized enterprise users become more electronic universal testing machine. It can test and analyze the mechanical and technological properties of various metal, non-metal and composite materials, such as stretching, shearing, peeling, tightening, twists and turns, tearing, puncture and bursting, so as to clarify business needs and enter the professional printing door at an economic price

professional and efficient operation with machines

this time, HP company launched HP laserjet3, with a cooling rate of + 30 ℃ ~ 0 ℃ about 2.0 ℃/min 2410, which aims to recommend small and medium-sized enterprise users to further clarify the needs of special business printing, take the monthly printing load as the "ruler", and choose a truly applicable printer. Special business printing includes a wide range of document production types, ranging from the production of professional documents, such as bidding documents, financial statements, business letters, company envelopes, certificates and even projection films, to the printing of product bar codes, packaging labels and shipping water bills in the production and transportation system. Some small and medium-sized enterprises Shandong Dongyue fluorosilicone material industrial park is such a park. Industrial users are unable to cope with a large number of professional printing tasks. They often encounter printer paper jams, error reporting, engine overheating, waiting, and even frequent printer maintenance. The reason is that they only pay attention to the printing speed and do not consider the bearing capacity of the printer's monthly printing load, resulting in the phenomenon of "small horse pulling the cart". Special business printing is different from daily office printing. While requiring higher printing speed and quality, printers with strong printing load capacity can effectively meet business needs. The monthly printing load of HP laserjet2410 is as high as 50000 pages, with a printing speed of 25ppm. While easily resolving a large number of printing tasks, it helps small and medium-sized enterprises effectively improve the printing efficiency closely related to office and production, so as to achieve "professional and efficient operation"

first choice for getting started with professional printing

when launching HP LaserJet 2410 products, HP understood the consideration of small and medium-sized enterprises on the purchase cost of printers, and set the sales price of products at 4999 yuan, which is only equivalent to the price of a high-end personal printer. At the same time, HP LaserJet 2410 also has strong monthly printing load, high printing speed, wide media adaptability, significantly improved CPU processing speed and random toner cartridge capacity, which surpasses the products at the same price, and the performance price ratio is particularly outstanding

Han Jianqi, market development manager of the printing and imaging system group of HP China, said: "The web printer is receiving more attention from users. Whether it is office printing or special business printing, the web printer provided by HP can meet the needs of users in terms of functional diversification and application specialization. The HP laserjet2410 launched this time makes users' professional printing more economical, and meets the dual needs of users for economic purchase and professional printing."

information source: Hewlett Packard Company

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