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Another international advanced product of aerospace heavy industry was born

on February 5, at the new product appraisal meeting composed of professors and experts from China Machinery Industry joint impact testing machine helmet related knowledge meeting, Beijing University of science and technology, Wuhan University of technology, Kunming Nonferrous Metallurgy Design Institute, China Northern Vehicle Research Institute and so on, The first wlr-18 mining lithium-ion battery trackless rubber tyred car developed and produced by aerospace heavy engineering equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as aerospace heavy industry) has passed the appraisal and reached the international advanced level

Another international advanced product of aerospace heavy industry was born

according to the experts of the evaluation team, this product applies the lithium battery electric drive technology to the transportation of underground personnel in non coal mines for the first time, and develops the electro-hydraulic combined braking system and electric feedback braking deceleration control technology, vehicle information integrated management and on-board wireless transmission system for the special chassis integrating independent suspension under the transportation conditions in non coal mines. The product adopts an advanced and reasonable overall design scheme, which has the characteristics of green environmental protection, high safety performance, strong dynamic performance in the whole vehicle design link, long endurance, high degree of informatization, low operation cost, but the quality of waterproof materials is not hard. It can meet the use requirements of the non coal mining industry for the green, economic, safe and reliable rubber tension testing machine for trackless rubber wheel personnel transportation equipment: use requirements, It can effectively improve the energy utilization rate, safety and maintenance convenience of the vehicle

after the successful development of this product, it has successively passed the national heavy-duty off-road vehicle testing ground, the industrial operation test assessment of copper and iron mines in Dahongshan Mining Area, and the type test of northern Automobile Quality Supervision, inspection and Identification Test Institute, and obtained the safety mark certificate of mining products. Its performance indicators meet the relevant standards and user requirements, and it has good economic and social benefits

according to the R & D team of aerospace heavy industry, this product can effectively solve the problems of traditional diesel trackless rubber tyred vehicles such as "high pollution, high fuel consumption, high noise, low service life and difficult maintenance". Pure electric, zero emission and low noise can effectively improve the underground working environment, reduce vehicle operation and maintenance costs, protect the physical and mental health of drivers and passengers, and a more intelligent vehicle health management system self-monitoring management can effectively promote green mines Construction and development of intelligent mines

through consulting data, listening to reports, and on-site investigation, the experts of the appraisal group believe that this product has obtained a number of invention patents, with remarkable innovation achievements, which is of great significance to promote the development of non coal mine underground new energy trackless rubber tyred transportation equipment, has a broad market prospect, and the product technology has reached the international advanced level

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