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HP (HP) auto dealer management plan


China's auto industry is facing a changing market and competitive environment, with declining profits and rising logistics costs, forcing vehicle manufacturers to integrate their own network resources, and the competition between manufacturers is evolving into the competition between supply chains. As one of the successful examples of global supply chain management, especially distribution channel management, HP combines its successful experience in IT consulting and implementation in the automotive industry for many years, and uses mature methodologies to launch automotive dealer management solutions in a timely manner to help vehicle manufacturers calmly face challenges and effectively improve their ability to integrate and regulate distribution channels, Use professional and mature DMS software to optimize and improve the internal resource management level of automobile dealers

the HP auto dealer management solution starts with the actual needs of the enterprise, covers the relevant links from the strategic level to the technical application level management, and provides the whole process service from project consultation, software selection, function development to full implementation, helping the vehicle manufacturers and auto dealers truly realize the collaborative planning and information sharing of the supply chain


the fundamental bottleneck of the development of automobile manufacturing industry in China has been transformed from product quality and market scale to the efficiency of the sales system. The competition between manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce and is evolving into the competition between supply chains. Simple price wars and promotional activities have been difficult to meet the needs of increasingly mature consumers. This trend urges enterprises to seriously consider:

1 How to use information technology to timely obtain market information, tap potential customers, and enhance the ability to target customers

2. How can upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain, especially the majority of dealers at the forefront of the market, be more closely combined through process optimization to improve market response speed and reduce order turnover time

3. How to realize supply chain collaboration, order driven production, and financial profit maximization in a real sense through a high degree of system integration

in order to solve the above problems, what enterprises need is not only a simple information management system, but a set of mature dealer management solutions. It carries the advanced sales service management concept, which is run through by optimized business processes, supported by highly scalable software and hardware and system architecture, and truly meets the needs of the Chinese market

the HP auto dealer management solution focuses on the construction of the sales channel of the vehicle factory, and systematically plans, comprehensively implements and monitors the information flow, logistics and capital flow in the whole supply chain. It is a set of potential to strengthen the close cooperation between the vehicle factory and the dealer, and improve the dealer's ability to manage resources by standardizing the dealer's internal business process, The business model of providing customers with all-round sales experience and full service care

this process can directly bond the skin to the honeycomb on the production line.

the solution emphasizes an integrated management idea and method, which closely combines the business processes of purchase, sales, inventory, maintenance, customer relationship management and so on within the dealer with the corresponding links of the supply chain of the vehicle factory, and realizes the seamless connection of data

at the strategic level, through the establishment and transformation of the sales channel system that quietly hangs the standard weight on the fixture, collaborative manufacturing and information sharing among partners in the supply chain with the automobile factory as the core can be realized

at the business level, process analysis, optimization and integration are carried out for the daily operation management of automobile dealers to realize the "four in one" of automobile sales, maintenance services, parts supply and information management

in the technical layer, the data centralized architecture design is adopted to provide quality assurance for the evaluation, testing, transplantation and development of software applications, provide interface program development and testing, provide the design and implementation of security strategy, data synchronization mechanism, backup strategy and disaster recovery scheme, provide load balancing and performance optimization, and realize the accuracy, timeliness and cost optimization of data transmission

scheme composition

main composition:

HP auto dealer solution is composed of five parts: vehicle sales, maintenance management, parts management, customer relationship management and financial management. In addition to providing dealers with the general business functions of handling 4S stores, the featured functions mainly include: multi store location management, car sales declaration, original factory claim, price system control, financial interface, data monitoring and management, etc

module introduction:

vehicle sales: realize the interlocking and efficient flow of business processes and document control

functions include customer visit records, intention tracking, customer ordering, advance deposit collection, sales management, sales settlement, new car PDI inspection, warehouse out management, and vehicle delivery processing; Handling licensing, insurance, boutique installation, installment payment, accounts receivable management; After sales follow-up visit, complaint handling, annual review reminder, birthday greetings, ordering from the manufacturer, arrival of orders, and vehicle receiving inspection; Transaction rate analysis, turnover rate analysis, satisfaction analysis, sales consultant performance analysis, income statement, inventory statement, etc; Faulty welding or open circuit shall be rewelded. Customer visit will automatically generate tracking reminders, and vehicle delivery processing will automatically generate return visit reminders, first maintenance reminders, etc. to ensure timely and comprehensive tracking of customers.

production lines are generally equipped with man-machine interface operating system maintenance management: covering the whole business management process of vehicle maintenance

including: appointment, incoming reception, detection, quotation, dispatch, maintenance, material requisition, completion of general inspection The whole process of settlement, cashier, delivery and post delivery tracking. It provides workshop management, automatic maintenance reminder, three guarantees claim and other functions, which can easily solve various problems encountered in maintenance management. Smooth operation, convenient and rigorous document circulation realize efficient collaborative work and resource sharing! The coexistence of multiple accounts (customer account, claim account, insurance account, internal account) and the function of automatic separate settlement in an exclusively developed work order have completely solved the problem of difficult classification of accounts in the maintenance industry. And provide various business statements, maintenance performance statements, customer satisfaction analysis, maintenance customers

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