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HP and Emerson jointly build a new generation of data center

the power consumption of the data center remains high and has a growing trend, which makes the operation cost of the data center higher and higher, and makes the informatization process fall into a resource black hole; Secondly, the data center has no self-test and optimization system, which can not cope with the changing development needs of information systems at any time; Third, the scientific degree of each system in the data center is not high. In the process of rapid development, the computing system, network system, power system and monitoring system are independent of each other, and cannot achieve coordination and efficient interaction. It can be said that the defects of traditional data centers with high energy consumption, low intelligence and low operation level have made the development of data centers difficult

in order to solve the above problems, HP's new generation data center concept came into being. The concept of HP's new generation data center is to use innovative technology to build a more energy-saving, intelligent and scientific data center, help customers eliminate resource black holes, and promote the sustainable development of the data center. In order to let customers have an immersive and real experience, and let the concept of HP's new generation data center be presented to users in the form of physical objects, in 2007, HP China decided to build the largest new generation data center solution demonstration center in the Asia Pacific region

HP and Emerson Network power are global strategic partners. In the construction of the new generation data center solution Exhibition Center, due to the consistency of ideas, the unity of objectives, and the mutual recognition of product quality, including the recognition of high-end materials industry, they came together again. In the new generation data center solution Exhibition Center, Emerson provided two liebert PEX series machine room precision air conditioner, 2 sets of Emerson paradigm nxa series 200KVA AC uninterruptible power supply (UPS), 2 sets of server power management system (SPM) and all power environment equipment

in May, 2008, the new generation data center solution Exhibition Center jointly built by China HP and Emerson energy officially settled in Beijing HP, which has a good development trend in these aluminum based new material projects. At present, the exhibition center has become a common solution demonstration venue for HP and Emerson energy in China. The exhibition center shows users the advanced concepts and technologies of the new generation data center in a very intuitive way in terms of servers, storage and power equipment, computer room environment, intelligent monitoring, dynamic management, etc

what is worth mentioning is HP dynamic intelligent cooling technology, which is the technical achievement of HP laboratory after ten years of research in cooling and energy saving. After using HP dynamic intelligent cooling system, the cooling energy consumption of HP lab data center can be saved by 70% than before. According to Mr. Liu Bin, senior manager of HP solutions, if users use HP dynamic intelligent cooling system in their data center, the cooling cost can be reduced by more than 40%. Mr. Liu also said that the good effect of HP's dynamic intelligent cooling system largely benefited from the powerful function of Emerson's precision air conditioner in the computer room. Specifically, Emerson liebert PEX series precision air conditioners can automatically adjust the size and flow of cooling air according to the requirements of the control system, providing efficient temperature regulation capability for the dynamic intelligent cooling system

China's HP and AI have always kept in touch with us. The transformation and upgrading of Emerson energy in the new generation data center solution Exhibition Center project enterprise can no longer wait and see. China's cooperation is the cooperation between the two sides at the strategic level. Through new means such as automated management, diversified integration, intelligent control and scientific application, the two sides have demonstrated the operation concepts of the new generation of data centers such as green energy conservation and efficient management, which has greatly promoted the transformation of the new generation of data centers from abstract concepts to specific solutions, from manufacturer concepts to user systems, and from single products to unified solutions

looking forward to the future, HP China will also build an IT Application Exhibition Center covering multiple industries, fields, systems and multi-level solutions. In terms of power environment system construction, the two manufacturers also plan to conduct more in-depth cooperation to jointly provide customers with first-class solutions

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