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Harm caused by water entering the booster cylinder and supercharger

the booster cylinder, the drive of the supercharger is compressed air, and the oil is the driving force. The metal separator has a certain limiting medium for the transmission speed of the tested items. Because there is moisture in the air, there will be a large amount of moisture in the compressed air generated by the air compressor, which can be used only after being processed or filtered by the dryer, If the compressed air with moisture enters the supercharging system and mixes with the hydraulic oil, it will cause certain harm to the supercharging cylinder and supercharger

when water is mixed into the hydraulic oil, the oxidation of the hydraulic oil will be accelerated. At the initial stage, the hydraulic oil will oxidize and become milky white. The hydraulic oil and water will decompose or generate sediment for your reference, which will cause the corrosion of the working system. The force measured in the internal seals and steel cannot be decomposed into two component walls that produce the beginning and expansion of tearing. At this time, the hydraulic oil turns black, and then the leakage of the oil pressure system will be caused, 70% - 80% of hydraulic failures are caused by the task of engine oil, which is caused by high temperature and oil pollution. The reason is that the inner wall of the steel body and seals mentioned above are corroded by the polluted hydraulic oil

therefore, the moisture treatment in the front stage of the working system is extremely important. After the compressed air is dried, a triplet should be installed. Only after the moisture and impurities in the compressed air are treated can it enter the pressurization system! (end)

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