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The Huawei Developer Conference oud has opened its registration

with the birth of Hello world, a magical species is born

some people call him that the selection of each kind of experimental machine should meet the testing parameters of materials. Code farmers, or program apes, or those who change bugs, don't work, and repair computers.

however, in this intelligent world that attaches importance to technological innovation, they are the most lovely developers, all the way with the dream of technology changing the world, and the code is written line by line

as oud opened the registration channel, developers were all ready to come to the scene to see the infinite possibilities of Kunpeng + shengteng

knock on the blackboard! The focus is on the

Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (cloud) will be held in Shenzhen from February 11 to 12, 2020, which is Huawei's annual Top flagship activity for global developers in the ICT (information and communication) field. The conference aims to build a global exchange and practice platform, open up the ICT technology and capabilities accumulated by Huawei for 30 years, and provide developers with surging power with Kunpeng + shengteng hard core dual engine to change the world and make impossible possible

it turned out to be a palace of top technology. No wonder developers yearn collectively! Due to the large number of applicants, yunbao quickly developed a series of code challenges to test the code strength of all developers. In addition, the experience part is also set up intimately, so that the melon eaters can also feel the temptation of the code ~

long press the identification QR code to enter H5

in other words, oud that can attract developers to temporarily put down the keyboard to make an appointment for registration must be a call from the heart

from the moment of choosing a major in college, I decided to practice coding skills for four years. However, Kunpeng general computing, shengteng AI computing, machine learning, Devops, etc., which are always popular, want to become future talents. The smell of too many former TPE materials is getting deeper and deeper, and people in the industry need to know along the technology

during the implementation of innovative applications, the whole development team always works day and night. The dream blueprint has been outlined. How can cutting-edge ICT open capabilities be used to stimulate deep innovation in the industry? To find a outlet, you have to listen to the industry masters and technical experts on the technology forum

I firmly believe that my code training is to break the world, and I plan to do something with the start-up team. However, incubating business achievements really needs the right time, place and people. Where should investors who know heroes connect

choose to fight alone in the front line of code. You must be itchy to see such popular open source projects as carbondata and kubeedge, and want to show your skills. I have accumulated some technical views, and I also want to have a good discussion in Linux, open source China and community leaders

technology is changing the way of life. Even if you don't know code, you also want to contact development and experience the fun of coding. Especially for innovative AI applications, who can imagine what future technologies will be born in the next second

it seems that not only developers are obsessed with technology, but even code white is ignited by the charm of technology. When it comes to creating something with technology, everyone has a rich and diverse imagination

without delay, yunbao presents a code customization game for everyone. Everyone can experience the creativity of technology ~

long press the QR code to start customization

developers' desire for dreams and ordinary people's desire for technology will be realized and satisfied in oud one by one. We not only hope to give developers strong empowerment, but also hope to let the surging power of Kunpeng + rise, promote the implementation of Huawei's ICT opening ability, and have a dream with developers

developers also play an important role in Huawei's ecosystem. On February, 2020, Huawei will work with all ecological actors to discuss the path of digital transformation, discuss ecological evolution strategies, jointly build industrial innovation capabilities, and share future growth space. Please pay attention to the resolution of deformation measurement of Huawei China production experimental machine, which refers to the minimum measurable accuracy of the measurement data of the photoelectric encoder of the experimental machine. See you in Shenzhen in 2020

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