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He Dongdong of Sany Heavy Industry: China is just around the corner to become a manufacturing power

he Dongdong of Sany Heavy Industry: China is just around the corner to become a manufacturing power

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November 26-27, 2015, "China Investment Group 2015 China investment annual meeting · Beijing" was grandly held. With the theme of "new economy, see the future", this annual meeting invited many investment leaders in the industry and investment elites in related industries with a roof heat transfer coefficient of no more than 0.1w/m2ke/vc to discuss the new opportunities, trends and future of industrial investment in the context of the "new economy". This grand event invited investment leaders, industrial star enterprises and entrepreneurial elites with outstanding influence from the industry to gather together to focus on hot topics such as new opportunities, new trends and new future of industrial investment in the context of the "new economy", open a road of innovation and reform around the future of the industry, and carry out in-depth discussion and peak dialogue on the development trend and evolution path of the industry

he Dongdong, senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry, said in the forum of "special session of high-end manufacturing industry" that China is actually one of the three countries in the global manufacturing pattern. In the future, China will at least keep pace with the United States, and manufacturing power is just around the corner. He Dongdong believes that made in China has unique advantages, China has the largest user base, and the most valuable big data is in the hands of China. All user data and industrial data point to market applications. With the return of the largest industry-level applications and a large number of talents in Shanghai, innovation is carried out at every point, and the rise of made in China is just around the corner

the following is the transcript of he Dongdong's speech:

My name is he Dongdong, senior vice president of Sany Heavy Industry, in charge of process informatization, Internet transformation and intelligent manufacturing. We look at the future from an industry-level application perspective, and more from the perspective of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0

from this perspective, one of our concerns is IOT and the other is big data, Another is "The upgrading of the overall solution of the user side looks at a transformation of our industry from these aspects.

from the perspective of IOT, our understanding is that now the interconnection between people in B2C is booming, and the transaction volume of consumer e-commerce is more than 270 billion, but B2B is only more than 23 billion, accounting for about 1% of the Japanese emperor group. So from customers to manufacturing, from manufacturing products In the future, the wind has not been blowing continuously, and many "pigs" have not been blowing

what are the important points in this? First of all, there is no connection between things. Six billion people, after people connect with people, have given birth to a huge trend of interconnection. Next, in the field of manufacturing, after the interconnection of things and things, the number is far more than six billion people. The changes in business models and applications that have been generated are very huge. The first step is how to make the foundation of IOT more solid within the enterprise, and build the foundation of IOT across industry boundaries

second, independent innovation of enterprises like Sany is difficult to keep up with technological innovation in all technological manufacturing fields, so we also make some layout in terms of capital. In addition, we also set up an incubator to take out one of our industrial parks for incubation. For all venture capital enterprises related to manufacturing, you need to turn it into a specific visible product, machine tools and equipment, which need some assistance. We do incubators to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a visible product

there is a concept that the United States is called international Internet, which is more the birthplace of disruptive innovation. Germany is industrie 4.0, which is more advanced in manufacturing technology and industrial software. The question is, what is China? There are several factors why Chinese manufacturing industry can be divided into three parts of the world in the global manufacturing industry

first, China has the largest user market. The final export of all industries and manufacturing must be used and served by people. We have merged the best German enterprise in the world and have always been the leader in our industry. His manufacturing technology, including his understanding of industry, should be the most advanced in the industry, including today. But why lose to Sany? Such an industry has a typical comparison between made in Germany and made in China. Sany first has the deepest understanding of Chinese users, with a large number of customer data. Moreover, we have established a mechanism to develop our understanding of customers into a specific product

in my own opinion, this is one of our advantages. I have a huge user base. Germany and Japan do not have a strong local market, so in the end, like Germany, it basically becomes an export of parts and intermediate technology and manufacturing technology. In the final formation of profit and the final formation of this effect, if you master the change end of the friction coefficient in the friction process automatically recorded by the user, and master the definition of the product, product design and product integration, you will occupy the market and gain a competitive advantage. From this point of view, based on the advantages of Chinese users, we mainly build a capability, that is, the ability to understand customer needs, product research and development and the last product integration, which is a capability that should be seriously developed first. This is the first point

second, judging from the current entrepreneurial boom in China, it is still the advantage of people. In fact, looking at the United States and Germany, the source of intelligence is also the Chinese people, who used to start businesses in the United States and make Internet and disruptive technologies for Americans. Now there are a large number of returns. It depends on everyone here, because you are all investors. What contribution the rise of the investment industry has made to China is actually to attract these talents who live in the United States, and obtain huge returns with advanced intelligence and ability. China has a huge market, coupled with human advantages, which is a fundamental change

our company can realize that there are a large number of international students in the company now. Why can people who used to work overseas be brought back? Of course, there are high-ranking officials and subsidies, more because the investors present here gave them an opportunity to make money. New intelligent manufacturing technology has sprung up in recent years. Our overseas talents and Chinese technology are actually on the same starting line. If there is a good mechanism to realize wealth and such a hot market, all our manufacturing technologies will blossom everywhere

third, the opportunities depend on rapid industry-level integration and application. This is related to the first point just mentioned, because we also talked about the market. From our understanding, China can connect the manufacturing of these dot manufacturing technologies based on IOT as soon as possible. In the application scenario, it can make changes in the business model as soon as possible, and countless experiments can be done in China. A competitive advantage formed by this is a German enterprise Japanese enterprises can't do things that they can't dream of. It's an opportunity for our Chinese manufacturing industry. My understanding is this

I am full of confidence in the rise of China's manufacturing industry, and we are actually three parts of the world now. If the current momentum continues, I think it is just around the corner for China to become a manufacturing power on par with the United States in the future. Everyone said that big data, using our largest user base, where is the real most valuable big data? In Chinese hands. All exported user data and industrial data of industry point to market applications. The largest industry-level applications, coupled with the return of so many talents, and innovation at every point. I think the rise of made in China is really just around the corner. This opportunity is based on the innovation model of Internet

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