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He Hui: overview of China's rubber import and export in 2008 and price prospects this year

speech by He Hui, deputy chief economist of China Logistics Information Center

the sixth Shanghai derivatives market forum was held in Shanghai on June, 2009. The theme of this theme forum is "new challenges of commodity futures serving the real economy: Thinking after the financial storm". Sina finance, as the exclusive strategic cooperation media of this forum, broadcast the whole process with pictures and texts. The picture shows Hehui, deputy chief economist of China Logistics Information Center, speaking

He Hui: Hello, everyone. It's my pleasure to share with you the situation of China's rubber market. China Logistics Information Center has been engaged in the detection of bulk commodities for 20 years. Maybe those present here know our unit better. After listening to the report all day today, I believe you are also very hard and tired. Whether it is rubber production or import and export data, many friends here are also looking forward to communicating with some experts who are here today. Everyone is very hard, so I'll simplify my communication. Today, I specially adjusted the PPT I introduced. There may be no English translation. Although there are not many waste plastic recycling plants in my PPT, I also want to simplify it and try to finish my speech in 5 to 8 minutes

I want to communicate with you and improve the physical properties of metals in two aspects. The first is to review the resource changes and price changes in our domestic rubber market in recent years, and feel two problems from it. The first is graphene, known as the 'strange material of the 21st century', which is the thinnest, strongest Nano materials with the best conductivity and strong flexibility at room temperature: it can be as thin as only one carbon atom. The problem is that in the past two years, with the economic development and the vigorous development of circular economy, our use of rubber resources has made new development. Just now experts have talked about our natural rubber and synthetic rubber. In 2008, when we used a large number of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, Our country uses a large number of waste tires to process and produce a large number of recycled rubber. There are some asymmetries between tire output and rubber usage. In fact, I personally understand that it may be due to the utilization of recycled rubber. If the factor of recycled rubber is considered, in 2008, our domestic imported rubber was 1.2 million tons, and natural rubber was 1.68 million tons. In this way, in terms of the whole resource, it was 8.31 million tons, accounting for about 35% of the total imports, but natural rubber imports accounted for about 75% and synthetic rubber imports accounted for 33%, I hope our friends here may pay attention to the use of rubber in the future, and don't forget to recycle rubber

second, I want to pay attention to our price changes. Our center has a history of monitoring the price of rubber in the domestic market for more than 20 years, mainly from the spot market. We monitor the price in the spot market. What I want to share with you is that I have shown the price of rubber since 2005. There are several varieties, first of all, the import price of natural rubber, This price is actually the quantity and amount of Customs imports. It shows that there is a change, that is, the change between our import price and the international rubber price, which is reflected in the great price change in 2006, and then in 2008, there are two curves that go down. The fluctuation of synthetic rubber is relatively small, but there is also a relatively large fluctuation in 2008. We should ensure that our products leave the factory; Going deep into the epidemic prevention and control related medical equipment manufacturing enterprises to carry out measurement and enterprise assistance activities, the market price just mentioned is the import, landed price, the price of the domestic market, the price trend of imported No. 3 cigarette glue from 2005 to 2009. I want to remind that the sharp rise in price will inevitably lead to a sharp decline. What I want to say is that when I look forward to the price of this year, I hope you will maintain the stability of the price and do not hype. The same situation applies to both imported and domestic rubber

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