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On June 12, 2009, China Plastics information PVC market brief

China Plastics price index rose 2.62 points to 957.65 points, and China Plastics spot index rose 4.05 points to 994.7 points

I. upstream express:

on Thursday (June 11), the settlement price of West Texas light oil futures in July on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $72.68 a barrel, up $1.35 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 71 23 dollars; The July futures settlement price of Brent crude oil on the London Intercontinental Exchange was $71.79 a barrel, up $0.99 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 70 27 dollars

Asian ethylene closed Thursday in USD/ton CFR Northeast Asia (up $13/ton) and USD/ton CFR Southeast Asia (up $11/ton). European ethylene closed at euro/ton FD northwest Europe (up 5 euros) and dollar/ton CIF northwest Europe (flat). Us ethylene closed at 27 The State Council has successively issued two programmatic documents on coal "de capacity" 505 cents/pound, up 1.375 cents

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Shandong Hengtong PVC plant is produced by monomer method, and today's ex factory quotation is stable at 6600 yuan/ton. Due to the rising price of monomer, the manufacturer said that it would gradually switch back to carbide production in the later stage. The operating rate of the device is 60%, the shipment is general, and the inventory pressure is small

the local ex factory quotation of Qingdao Haijing PVC enterprise for type 3 and 5 materials is still yesterday's yuan/ton. The unit is fully loaded at the start of operation, so it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining the horizontal handling direction as far as possible when handling. The goods are mainly from regular customers

the quotation of chlor alkali PVC in Shanghai is still strong. The delivery quotation in surrounding areas is about 6800 yuan/ton, and the acceptance price is 6900 yuan/ton. About 50% of the units have been started, the inventory is not large, and the shipment is general

the public offer of Formosa Plastics Ningbo PVC is stable, and the delivery quotation in East China is still 6800 yuan/ton for S-65, 6850 yuan/ton for S-70, and 6900 yuan/ton for S-60. The plant is under normal operation, and the enterprise has a tight supply of goods recently, with limited supply

the quotation of BOC PVC in Jining, Shandong Province is stable. At present, it is produced by the mixed method of monomer and calcium carbide, and the ex factory quotation of type 3 is still yuan/ton. The operating rate of the device is 80%, the shipment is normal, and the inventory is general

the Tiancheng PVC plant in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province has not been started yet, which needs attention

III. local market conditions:

the quotation range of the main brands of PVC in China Plastics spot Mall () is mainly located in yuan/ton, and the main brands have changed greatly compared with the same period yesterday. The quotation of a certain number of brands has increased, with an increase of yuan/ton. There is no negotiation space for the quotations of all businesses, and the delivery area is all in Yuyao. Among them, shangluhufeng eb101 reported 11000 yuan/ton, shangluhufeng eb102 reported 12800 yuan/ton, Shanghai Zhongyuan r-05c reported 10600 yuan/ton, and Zhejiang Juhua SG5 reported 6750 yuan/ton

in the west, we can also do experiments such as material tightening and twists. The PVC market price in the South has increased. The low-end supply of type 5 materials has been quoted at yuan/ton. At present, the overall transaction situation is OK. While the market price has increased slightly, the inquiry and purchase of downstream factories have also increased slightly

the PVC market quotation in Shanghai is strong. The mainstream delivery quotation of 5-type ordinary calcium carbide is about 6550 yuan/ton, and the ethylene method delivery quotation is about yuan/ton. Some goods are in tight supply, and slightly higher quotations exist, and merchants continue to be reluctant to sell. There is no obvious change in demand

the PVC market price in Central China is stable, and the mainstream transactions of type 5 materials are concentrated in yuan/ton. The function of the overall market experimental machine determines that the supply and demand of its application is still in balance

the PVC market price in Linyi area is stable and rising. At present, the mainstream quotation of ordinary electric stone excluding tax is about 6250 yuan/ton, and the overall transaction is general

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