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"Crossover" he Baohong: openstack ecology needs more power

Dr. he Baohong is currently the deputy director of the Institute of technology and standards of the China Academy of information and communications and the executive vice president of the cloud computing open source industry alliance. In fact, he Baohong has many identities, which span the two fields of telecommunications and it. This is related to hebaohong's special experience. He is a computer major, but he works in the field of telecommunications and has been engaged in Internet research for a long time. As a cross-border player who is very active in the fields of telecommunications and it, he Baohong joked in his newly published book "the gene of interconnection" that he is: using IP knowledge to deceive Telecom, using Telecom knowledge to deceive IP. However, it is this unique experience that allows him to see the evolution of various technologies in the IT field from a very unique perspective, including the current hot openstack

the open opens material is 45 # steel stack, which allows competitors to hold together.

openstack has been very hot in the past two years, and has quickly become a force that cannot be ignored in the field of cloud computing. In hebaohong's view, openstack's success today is the result of a variety of factors. One of the key factors is that the open openstack enables manufacturers that were previously competitors to cooperate in this ecosystem and jointly deal with larger competitors

after the rise of cloud computing, AWS has dominated the public cloud; VMware dominates the private cloud. This makes many other cloud computing enterprises face a life and death problem, because in this industry, winners take all. In order to survive, the remaining enterprises need to stay together. Hebaohong said

open source is a good choice for different enterprises and even enterprises that are competitors to each other. We use crowdfunding or crowdfunding to expand the open source community, and then we live and develop around this open source community. In this case, many open source communities of cloud computing have suddenly emerged, especially at the IAAs level, such as cloudstack, eucalyptus and opennebula. Opens insurance sales return stack can not stand out in these open source communities without this background. Dangda carbon (600516) is a leading enterprise in graphite and carbon products in China. However, the popularity of cloud computing, the popularity of open source concepts, openstack's own openness and neutrality, and the strong leadership of the foundation have also accelerated

openstack's own technological progressiveness is very important, but these non-technical factors can also not be ignored. Because many times the success of a technology is not entirely the technology itself. He Baohong said

among the many elements of openstack's success, the perfect combination of openstack and X86 platform must also be mentioned. Openstack was built on the X86 platform from the beginning. The high cost performance of the X86 platform and the full functionality of openstack make this combination a standard configuration

when the software functions become more and more powerful, the original hardware level support can be transferred to the software for implementation. For example, after openstack can complete hardware fault tolerance and collaboration, x86, a more cost-effective platform, is enough to meet the needs of a demanding production environment. Naturally, there is no need to spend so much money on so many complex devices. Hebaohong said that after all, the cost came down while the integrity was improved, which is what users are happy to see

from technology driven to user demand driven

however, in the eyes of industry expert he Baohong, there are also obvious deficiencies or challenges for openstack to reach a higher level and gain greater market share in the future. The biggest challenge is to shift from technology driven to user demand driven, which is also a threshold that all open source products must experience

it should be said that at present, the core technology of openstack is relatively mature, but the commercialization is still far from meeting the needs of users. He Baohong said that one of the important manifestations is that the current users are mainly in the IT industry and CT industry, while most users in traditional industries use it on a small scale or a little bit

he Baohong believes that users in traditional industries use less because the product itself is not easy to use. Because openstack comes from the open source community, which is technology driven. The community provides source code, but this kind of code generally focuses on solving core problems and solving those problems that have a sense of achievement for developers. For relatively marginal functions, that is, those hard work, hard work, dirty work, such as optimization, management, monitoring and other open-source communities rarely provide or even the functions are not ideal

hebaohong said that from this perspective, openstack still has a long way to go in terms of user market education, talent training and product research and development in the future. The ultimate goal is to make the product closer to users' demands, better use and easy to use. These works need the help of ecosystem, and more commercial enterprises and third-party institutions need to intervene. Only through the market mechanism can we better meet the needs of users and promote the prosperity of openstack ecosystem

he Baohong introduced that his cloud computing open source industry alliance is a third-party neutral organization and a member of the openstack ecosystem

as a bridge between users and manufacturers, we establish a pipeline between users' needs and openstack solutions, so that manufacturers can fully understand users' needs and launch solutions that can meet users' needs, not just a technical product, so as to promote the implementation of openstack projects and make their own contribution to the development of openstack in China. He said

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