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Characteristics and packaging of spices

1 types and characteristics of spices

spices are substances that stimulate and delight human smell and touch, and are often used in food processing

the main aroma component of spices is volatile oil, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice and enhance appetite

spices are mainly extracted from seeds, fruits, flowers, leaves, roots, bark and other parts of plants

(L) seeds

① mustard (mustard sent) mustard is one of the cruciferous plants. The seed of mustard is ground, which contains ch2:s of amyl mustard oil, with a content of about 0.3% - 1% as its main aroma component. This component combines with other chemicals in mustard to form a glucoside. Mustard must be ground to make myrosine interact with it to produce spicy taste. It is widely used for food cooking, stains and other food processing

② the ether extract of nutmeg (mutmeg, muskatnuss) and nutmeg flower (MACE)

nutmeg contains part of the volatile oil as its aromatic component, which is called nutmeg oil. It is used for flavoring in food processing, such as the manufacture of sause, Gary powder and meat conditioning

③ the main components of anise aroma are anetholcl C10H12O and terpenn, which are flavorings for candy, bread, etc

④ the aroma component of fennel (fennel, fennel) is goliander oil C10H12O, star anise is the same as this component, and it is often a cosmetic spice

⑤ therefore, the component of coriander is coriander oil C10H16O, which is a mixture of Gary powder, bread, sausage and other meat products spices

⑥ there will also be a certain difference in the experimental equipment of caraway CARWAY suitable for different pipes. It is the dried fruit of cumin, which is bread, cheese, ice cream, candy and other spices, and the main component is carone (C10H14O)

⑦ cardarnons: the main components are cineol, terpineol (C10H14O), and ternyl aoelate (c10h17o, coch8), which are spices such as candy, cooking, alcoholic beverages, etc. Gary powder blending material

(2) fruit

① vanilla, vanollex3i0 w

the aromatic principal component is

② the principal component of pepper contains piperioe (c17h19noh8), and coconstructs such as chavicin and piperin. For meat processing, saus, Gary powder, etc

③ the main component of red pepper is capsicum 0.02% - 0.14% (c18h27n3), which can be used for food cooking and processing.

④ the main component of the flavor of fugara schineforia is dipenten, which is 2% - 3%, and others are geraniol, citroneral), etc. the pungent flavor is sanshool, which is a food storage seasoning and medicinal flavor

(3) flowers and leaves

① the main aromatic component of clove is eugenol (C10H12O2)

② the special components of sage essential oil are pinen, cinnel and borneol. Spice meat products. Jgcdo

③ the aromatic component of thymc is thyme or carracrol (C10H14O). It has strong fragrance and pungent taste, and is antiseptic, so it is extremely valuable

④ Laure

the main component of essential oil is eugenol

⑤ the main aromatic component of DILI is carrockol (c10h1 intensive cultivation copper based material "Dawan" 4O)

⑥ Safran has strong aroma and bitter taste, and the beautiful pigment crocetin (c20h64o26) is red. In addition to being used as food flavoring, it is also used as coloring material

(4) root and bark

① aromatic components of ginger: more than 3/4 of terpen, compten, Phe are hot-air plastic granulators llandren, municipal, botne. The main content of pungent gingerol is about 0.04%. It is widely used. Fragrant and pungent, refreshing and elegant, which is loved by ordinary people

② turmeric

in addition to aromatic use, it can also be used as a coloring material because it contains yellow pigment (curcumin)

③ Acorus

has fragrance and bitter taste. In addition to being a spice, it can be used as a stomach tonic, and perfume

④ onions, gourds, and other onions

the main pungent ingredients of onions are

and its analogues, and their dry matter contains 50% sugar, so there are problems including zero down payment, too low threshold for leasing companies, blind purchase, insufficient management of 2-hand equipment, small agricultural engineering machinery enjoying government subsidies, etc. sweet taste, which is the most commonly used spice in general food conditioning

garlic contains sulfur compounds (c8h16o4n2s2), which can be decomposed into hydrogen sulfide at room temperature to produce malodor. Its pungent components are irritant, bactericidal and insect repellent, and can be used as stomach tonics, abdominal pain drugs, strong drugs, Ascaris lumbricoides repellents, etc

⑤ horseradish:

bityl mustard oil is similar to mustard

⑥ the essential oil of cinnamin (zimt) is cinnom aldehyd, which can be used to make spices for fruits, beverages, etc., and is widely used

2 packaging of spices

the biggest feature of spices is that they have strong fragrant, spicy and other odors, and are easy to be affected by moisture and other odors. Therefore, packaging with good sealing and barrier must be adopted, and packaging materials are strictly required to have strong gas barrier and fragrance retention

commonly used glass bottle packaging, laminated composite film bags with aluminum foil in the middle layer or sealed packaging of multi-layer anion separated composite plastic bottles

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