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Characteristics and development trend of plastic packaging products in the world at present, the development status of plastic packaging products in the world has the following characteristics: new polyester packaging has a better future; New degradable plastics are concerned; Foamed plastics are moving towards zero pollution

the development of domestic plastic flexible packaging focuses on the following aspects:

1 Development and application of high barrier packaging materials such as high barrier coextrusion composite film to improve protection performance and prolong shelf life

2. Development and application of sterile packaging materials, antibacterial packaging films and radiation resistant packaging films

3. Heat resistant packaging materials suitable for electromagnetic cookers and microwave ovens

4. It is suitable for controllable modified atmosphere packaging of packaging materials with more prominent response at the storage interface of agricultural products such as grain

5. Composite film for electromagnetic shielding

while actively developing plastic packaging, we should vigorously adopt new plastic packaging technologies. At present, the popular packaging technologies abroad are: vacuum packaging (760m/Hg) 100 "12 sterilization, PE/PET, PA/EV can be used to coordinate the immediate tightening effect and long-term anti-aging effect. A and other packaged cooked food products; inflatable packaging (CO2, O2, N2 ethanol gas) It is widely used in food packaging; Modified atmosphere packaging is used to package fish products; Body fitted packaging is used to replace PE and PVC films with ionic films; Fresh keeping packaging: fresh fruits and vegetables with breathing regularity are packaged with microporous breathable film, silicon film, etc; Sterilization packaging: high temperature for a short time, ultra-high temperature instantaneous heating to kill polluting bacteria, pasteurization packaging drinks; Aseptic packaging, non polluting bacteria packaging, fruit juice and other beverages; Sterilization packaging adopts ionic film, disinfects with epoxy ethylene gas, and packages medical instruments; Blister packaging is mainly used for tablet packaging; Antirust packaging add antirust agent in the film to package precision instruments; Stretch wrapping is mainly wrapped in unit packaging (pallet, pallet, etc.); Heat shrinkable packaging is mainly used for small parts packaging; Mold proof packaging: add mold proof agent to the film to package the fabric; Should the power of examination and approval be fully delegated for compressed packaging? Here, light cotton padded clothes and down are mainly packed; Shock proof and buffer packaging adopts flexible polyurethane, PVC, foamed PE, PP, LLDPE, ionic polymer and other packaging materials

but no matter what kind of plastic packaging is used, the requirements of green packaging must be met: (1) reduce waste pollution; (2) To solve the environmental protection problem of solvent, we must disassemble it and replace it with a new one; (3) Recycling

green packaging that meets environmental protection requirements and has no pollution will be paid more and more attention by the society. Therefore, we should vigorously develop green packaging, do a good job in packaging waste treatment and resource recycling, and realize the requirements of sustainable development

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