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Characteristics and operation requirements of vegetable cleaning machine and bubble cleaning machine

vegetable cleaning machine bubble cleaning machine is used to clean stem and leaf vegetables such as mushrooms, celery, spinach and cabbage, as well as fruits and vegetables such as apples, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers and strawberries. It is an ideal cleaning equipment for vegetable (pickle) processing industry and canteens of factories, mines, troops, hospitals, colleges and universities and other units. It can be used together with the vegetable (pickle) assembly line, and can also process 30million pounds of materials every year, which can be used alone

bubble washer vegetable washer equipment features:

1. The equipment is equipped with circulating water pump and filter water tank to realize the recycling of cleaning water, save water, and replace new water according to the actual production situation

2. The conveyor belt motor of the equipment can realize the function of adjusting the speed change. The cleaned vegetables are transported through the chain, and are automatically fed and discharged. The belt feeding speed of the biting force strength tester is adjusted according to the production needs. Vegetable washing machine

3. The equipment is equipped with a spray device, which sprays the products in the process of transportation to the next process after cleaning, so as to reduce secondary pollution

under the combined work of bubble, surfing, lifting and spraying, the equipment has the characteristics of high cleaning, energy saving, water saving, stable and reliable equipment, and can maintain the original color

operation requirements of bubble cleaner equipment:

1. First check whether all parts of the equipment are in good condition. After the inspection, open the water inlet valve to make the water reach the reflux level when it arrives, turn down the valve, open the air blower, circulating water pump and conveyor belt, pour the materials into the water, and adjust the belt speed according to different materials to ensure the residence time of materials in the water to ensure that the materials are cleaned more thoroughly

2. Regularly clean and discharge sewage according to different materials during use; 1. It is nearly 4 degrees Fahrenheit lower than wearing pure cotton clothes. It is common Rockwell hardness test to properly adjust the water inflow and spray water supply to make cleaning more water-saving

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