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Various plastic properties and molding processes

pom polyoxymethylene

chemical and physical properties

pom is a tough and elastic material, which has good creep resistance, geometric stability and impact resistance even at low temperature. POM has both homopolymer materials and copolymer materials. Homopolymer materials have good tensile strength, (a) fill in the basic parameters, including the inspection unit, testing unit, batch number, date, experimental ambient temperature, specification and other fatigue strength, but it is not easy to process. Copolymer materials have good thermal stability, chemical stability and easy processing. Both homopolymer materials and copolymer materials are crystalline materials and are not easy to absorb water

the high crystallinity of POM leads to its high shrinkage, which can be as high as 2%~3.5%. There are different shrinkage rates for different reinforced materials

injection molding process conditions

drying treatment: if the material is stored in a dry environment, it usually does not need drying treatment

melting temperature: homopolymer material is 190~230c; The copolymer material is 190~210c

mold temperature: 80~105c. In order to reduce the shrinkage after forming, a higher mold temperature can be selected

injection pressure: 700~1200bar

injection speed: medium or high injection speed

runner and gate: any type of gate can be used. If tunnel gates are used, it is best to use a shorter type. For homopolymer materials, it is recommended to use hot nozzle runner. For copolymer materials, either internal hot runner or external hot runner can be used

typical use

pom has a very low friction coefficient in 2015 and good geometric stability. It is especially suitable for making gears and inspecting bearings from the beginning of April. Because it also has high temperature resistance, it is also used in pipeline devices (pipeline valves, pump shells), lawn equipment, etc

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