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Toolbar and input method of enterprise knowledge base, small assistant of chatopera chat robot platform

in the field of customer service, especially in marketing and sales promotion, the skills and knowledge of salespeople are particularly important. A proper word can achieve the signing, and an unprofessional word may make the whole team busy in vain. It is a challenge for the current staff to quickly, standard and professionally answer customer questions from different channels. On the enterprise side, it also bears the consideration of employee turnover, training and user loyalty, so as to achieve continuous and stable customer acquisition and optimize products according to feedback

in the 2018 contact center channel survey, 47% of the enterprise contact centers with seats during 1035 believed that the turnover rate of employees was their biggest challenge. Few people were willing to work in a job with low salary and repetitive work, which was not fun, and lacked room for improvement. It was usually used as a springboard for other jobs. If the test piece needs to be tested for the second time, it can be seen that the demands of enterprise employees are also to keep up with the times and get more training and skills: they are not eliminated and have more development prospects. Enterprises, employees, consumers and artificial intelligence companies should embrace change: natural selection and survival of the fittest

enterprises need to maximize automation in customer service. According to the Gartner dialogue platform market guide, by 2021, 15% of customer service interactions will be handled by artificial intelligence, an increase of 400% over 2017. More and more customer inquiries will be processed without manual work, mainly repetitive and simple. But we also need customers to watch. When we get customers with strong purchase intention in customer service, especially in sales, we are almost at the door. Can we trust the machine at this time? When a commodity is less than 1000 yuan, robot shopping guide is worth trying. However, when the customer unit price is higher, in order to win more customers, the enterprise invests a lot in the market and sales leads, the robot should assist the salesperson to complete the order: in the process of sales, it needs to invest emotion to make the buyer have more recognition of the product, or even moved. Only people can do this

therefore, chatopera believes that the high-level link of enterprise service to customers is still that people are exerting their emotions to influence customers, but our colleagues in different positions who contact consumers every day need more support! It is imperative to apply enterprise knowledge base management tools

one day, the e-commerce department manager of a local specialty sales enterprise found chatopera, hoping to provide them with a quick response tool for network marketing. We saw many network marketing tools, displaying shortcuts, but they were clumsy: neither fast nor intelligent. Chatopera robot platform, (), is a cloud service for customized development of chat robots. Knowledge base management is a basic module of robots: Based on information retrieval, FAQ FAQs are completed by using question and answer pairs, similar questions, and synonyms. So we began to think about how to use chat machine knowledge base in various channels to assist sales personnel? So we developed chatopera assistant

the pain point of enterprise application knowledge base is how to use chat robot knowledge base in various channels. Chatopera assistant is a desktop software that can retrieve knowledge base across channels on the client

chatopera assistant uses the system pasteboard: 1) copy any text to query the knowledge base; 2) Click copy answer; 3) Paste into any input field. This maximizes the use of the enterprise's knowledge base, so that any channel can control all experimental processes with high stability and enjoy the benefits of the knowledge base

the Sales Department of a local specialty e-commerce told us that before, each salesperson could place an order after completing 30 consultations every day. After using a small assistant, after comparison, each salesperson could place an order after completing 50 consultations after simple training

chatopera assistant is also a tool for reverse data collection. Customer service supervisors and business analysts can browse the dialogue history on the chatopera robot platform to help enterprises optimize the knowledge base and find business opportunities

using chatopera cloud service () to use chatopera assistant has the advantages of low cost, fast launch, simple training, no need for any foundation, and high return on investment. It is the enterprise knowledge base input method

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