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On April 9, Oushennuo seven star luxury porcelain Experience Hall (Hunan Daoxian Hall) officially opened and welcomed a good start

more than 30 new orders with a total value of more than 800000 yuan

on April 9, the seven star luxury porcelain Experience Hall of Ou Shennuo (Hunan Daoxian Hall) officially opened and welcomed a good start

in the Daoxian Museum, there are many series of product exhibition areas, such as precious jade products, marble tiles, Van Gogh vitrified bricks, Carson porcelain wood, etc. the latest products and the most mainstream design style continue the luxurious atmosphere and noble luxury of the seven star luxury porcelain Experience Hall of Ou Shennuo

on the same day, a total of 200 people witnessed the opening ceremony, mostly the bosses and prospective owners of local home decoration companies. They recognized Oushennuo and were full of expectations for Oushennuo to enter the market of Dao County. Yangkanghao, manager of Hunan sales area, and yingguowan, general manager of Dao County Marketing Center, delivered speeches for the opening ceremony respectively

after the ceremony, fireworks burst into the sky and firecrackers rang out. Exciting programs such as the fiery and unrestrained dance, the magical "dwarf" glass swallowing acrobatic show, the difficult folding chair challenge, and the monkey king imitation show pushed this opening ceremony to the climax

fiery opening dance

yingguowan, general manager of osheno Dao County Marketing Center, delivered a speech

Yang Kanghao, manager of osheno Hunan sales area, delivered a speech

opening ceremony

wonderful program performance

the celebration site was full

that afternoon, smashing golden eggs and drawing awards were in full swing. The opening grand prize of 4999 yuan free of charge, brand washing machines and other awards make the owners salivate. All owners who participated in the lottery won prizes. While enjoying high-quality products and services, they also felt the sincerity of Dao County Oushennuo, and all returned happily

lottery site

the smooth implementation of this activity has greatly improved the team execution and sales ability of Dao County Oushennuo. It is believed that in the future, with the support of the cloud business platform of the company's headquarters and the hard work of the team, Dao County Oushennuo will set sail and make great achievements




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