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Many people in the balcony area feel a little redundant. In addition to drying clothes and placing sundries, it is of little use, and it also occupies a lot of living space. In fact, as long as the balcony space is well used and matched, it can still become an independent leisure area with sufficient light, which is not inferior to any room. Next, let's take a look at these balcony decoration renderings recommended by Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian for you! There are all kinds of styles, and there is always one you like

for the open external balcony, the general area is not small. Small sofas and coffee tables can be placed, and the colors should be as bright as possible, so that people can have a warm and fresh visual experience under the sunshine

for this kind of indoor closed balcony, the area is relatively small. You can consider placing sofa chairs, facing the window, and adding some green potted plants on the windowsill. It is also a good choice to sit in the afternoon

if the indoor balcony has a large area, it can be designed as a semi enclosed area with windows on all sides. Closing the curtains feels like a room, and opening the curtains is another scenic spot in close contact with nature. Furniture can be injected with some fabric elements, which is not only warm, but also has a good touch. It is very suitable for leisure and relaxation

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