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In July, 2014, Guangzhou Construction Expo launched 20000 yuan vouchers and 10000 yuan sample discount coupons through the exhibition o2o activities, and will support dealers throughout the whole process, so that dealers can join at ease and operate without worry

after years of development, customized wardrobe has entered a high-speed development stage. With the fierce competition under the high degree of product homogeneity, jiushidu has proved itself with innovation and strength. In July, 2014, in order to give back to the dealers in good faith, Jiudu strongly launched 20000 yuan vouchers and 10000 yuan sample discount vouchers through the exhibition o2o activities, and will support dealers in the whole process, so that dealers can join at ease and operate without worry

watch the exhibition online and offline, and the exhibition is right next to you.

participating brands will provide a certain amount of vouchers as a special franchise discount. Dealers can get vouchers by making an appointment in advance on the event page. If they finally reach cooperation with the brand at the exhibition, they can use vouchers on items such as franchise fees, deposits, payment for goods (the specific use method depends on the brand investment rules), so as to reduce franchise investment. Brands without exhibition plans can also participate in this event. In the "view outside the exhibition" section, brands that cannot attend the exhibition also give the same preferential treatment to the China Construction Expo, expanding the influence of the China Construction Expo beyond the exhibition

During the exhibition, dealers who successfully joined 90 degrees through the home hotline can get a coupon of 20000 yuan, which can be used to offset the payment for goods after the store opens, while the discount coupon of 10000 yuan will offset the amount of samples when the sample is determined

at the same time, jiushidu also held corresponding off-site support activities for the majority of dealer friends, so that franchisees can make money by participating in the exhibition:

visit jiushidu factory, visit jiushidu intelligent wardrobe, cabinet and home experience exhibition hall

how to create a sustainable and profitable replicable course model by hosting dealer training

visit the physical store to investigate the operation and truly present the process operation and management mode of the store

in addition, the daily preferential joining policy of 90 degrees is also applicable at the exhibition:

1. Provide free graphic and sample effect design drawings

2. Provide a unified VI system decoration scheme for free

3. Provide advertising accessories in the early stage of opening for free, such as clothing, promotional materials, advertising umbrellas, paper cups, badges, technical manuals, color boards, etc

4. Provide free design training, store manager training, channel training and shopping guide training

5. Provide decoration cost subsidies free of charge

brand introduction

jiushidu domestic production base is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta - Nanhai, Foshan. It has 50000 square meters of ultra modern factory buildings, introduces advanced German heroic production equipment, and has professional wardrobe production lines, cabinet production lines, and special-shaped product processing lines. The annual production capacity is 100000 sets of wardrobes and 60000 sets of cabinets

the differentiated products of 90 degrees smart low-carbon home show the core value of the brand, and create a customized wardrobe and cabinet. In addition, the pattern of smart home integration

through comprehensive market research, combined with the accumulation of household product production technology in the past 10 years, jiushidu brand took the lead in independently developing automatic dehumidification and moisture-proof electronic smart home series products in China. We are committed to providing smart low-carbon storage solutions for modern families in China. This technology has applied for national invention patent and international (PCT) patent protection. In the 21st century, advocating the concept of intelligent low-carbon, green and environmental life has attracted more and more attention from the market. Especially in the hardest hit areas of furniture pollution, the voice of the home market for environmental protection is getting higher and higher. With the enhancement of the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, more and more signs show that it has become an inevitable trend for consumers to choose green, environmental friendly and healthy household products. In this regard, jiushidu has been one step ahead of its peers. Jiushidu boldly reforms household products from the aspects of intelligence, ecology, energy conservation, environmental protection, health and so on. Jiushidu believes that this will play a huge role in the sustainable development of the household building materials industry and the transformation of benign competition in the industry in the future





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