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In order to promote communication and exchange among employees, Yihe fully protected doors and windows organized a two-day outdoor expansion training activity of "hard work, cohesion and empowerment" from February 20 to 21, 2019

in cold February, it is warm and beautiful. In order to promote the communication and exchange between employees, strengthen the mutual understanding of employees in different departments, improve everyone's team mutual assistance, communicate and cooperate, enhance the cohesion of the team, and stimulate the enthusiasm of work development. From February 20 to 21, 2019, Yihe fully protected doors and windows organized a two-day outdoor expansion training activity of "preparing for the horse, gathering strength and enabling"

at 7:45 a.m. on February 20, Yihe people set out from the company. With everyone's cheers, we came to the most beautiful village in Guangdong Province, Xitou village, Liangkou Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, and started the first day of training

under the guidance of the instructor, we put on our military uniforms and arranged them in order of height, and were divided into five companies according to the requirements. Each company elected the company commander, political commissar and logistics minister, and set up the team name and slogan within the specified time. This is the test of collective wisdom and team spirit. Although the time was short, each company gave excellent answers

the composition of each company started a tense and fierce challenge. Each company held the company commander high for a two-day activity. We were led by the company commander and fully obeyed the instructions of the company commander. Our team was fighting not only for ourselves, but also for the honor of the team

next, the instructor released the task and decided the lunch funds of each company according to the completion degree of the task within the specified time. The task required us to complete the team task at the designated place in the village and find the designated items in the village. There were a series of activities. According to the cooperation and division of work of the company, we started the morning directional food exchange trip. Through a series of happy activities, we create a team atmosphere and establish the basis of mutual trust

each company will exchange the funds to solve the lunch problem. We chat while eating, get to know each other, and help each other. Leisure time is always short. In the afternoon, under the guidance of the instructor, we started the small focus of this outdoor expansion activity to rescue our teammates. We need to find our teammates and rescue the injured teammates

although there are many difficulties in this challenge and we want to give up on the way back, we will not give up and save our teammates with mutual encouragement and help. In the end, each company successfully completed the task, because each company is a whole, a team, and everyone is indispensable

at night, after a day of intense training, nothing can reward everyone for a hard day more than a picnic feast of "do it yourself, get plenty of food and clothing". The collision of pots and pans, the same laughter, everyone you burn a fire to cook, the members of each company worked together to finish the dinner. In the curling smoke of cooking, I eat my own meals, forget fatigue, talk and laugh, and have a different taste

we put on our armor and moved on. Challenge to the tiantangding, the highest peak in Guangzhou. The mud, steep slopes and bad weather along the way did not hinder our progress. We still struggle with high spirits. We are not afraid of cold, wind and rain, and challenges. The warm-up exercise before mountaineering prevents us from cramping and spraining our feet

we passed through towering forests, meadows, bamboo forests, mountains and clouds, through bad weather, measured the top of heaven with our feet, and challenged ourselves with passion and perseverance! Yes, we are such a group of people who love each other and help each other

whenever you can't finish it, there will always be people around you silently encouraging you. At this time, everyone is regardless of each other, team, you and me. Just to complete the task of reaching the top, we gather our hearts, unite and cooperate, and strive to make every team member reach the top. When we stand on the top of heaven, we feel that we can be so strong and continue to improve and break through

this expansion activity is full of challenges, wisdom and positive energy. After this expansion training, Yihe people have completed the training of personal will and team spirit. Every step in the training is a breakthrough and transcendence! The amazing strength of the team shown to all members in this training makes us more convinced that a group of people, one thing, together, will win

in 2019, Yihe people will go all out, move forward bravely, climb the peak bravely, and do everything with the spirit of conquering the top of heaven





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