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June to July is the rainy season in Shanghai. The wet days make everyone crazy, especially the decoration. In this climate, it is particularly important to solve the problem of humidity at home. Here are some tips to combat the decoration in the rainy season

June to July is the rainy season in Shanghai. The wet days make everyone crazy, especially the decoration. In this climate, it is particularly important to solve the problem of humidity at home. Here are some tips to fight against the decoration in the rainy season. Moisture proof and dehumidification of the ground 1. It is important to lay a good foundation, moisture-proof maintenance is not wrong

now most home decoration will choose to lay wooden floors, and when summer comes, the dampness, mildew and deformation of the floor are also a headache for many families. The covering of high temperature and moisture makes the air full of moisture, which also gives the wood floor “ Breathe ” It has an impact

2. Lay a good foundation for material selection and pavement

if we want to avoid complex moisture-proof work, the reasonable selection of materials and pavement during decoration can lay a good foundation for our first round. The high-density floor substrate has good moisture-proof performance and low water absorption thickness expansion rate. At the same time, the wear-resistant layer and decorative paper outside the plate can well isolate the plate from the air and play a waterproof role

at the same time, the paving environment and paving method of the floor during decoration will have a certain impact on the subsequent moisture-proof work. It is best to install the floor in a sunny and ventilated weather to ensure that the moisture on the ground is basically lost and there will be no rain within a few days after the floor is paved. The floor is stored in a dry environment for one to two days before paving to ensure the dryness of the environment during the whole construction period

3. Pay attention to the adjustment of humidity and temperature

in hot summer, air conditioning has also become one of the necessary summer electrical appliances at home, and the use time and mode of air conditioning will also have a certain impact on the moisture resistance of the floor. In the muggy season, the floor is prone to moisture expansion. Therefore, indoor air conditioning can be properly used for dehumidification and cooling, but at the same time, attention should be paid to avoiding large temperature differences before and after turning on the air conditioning, To avoid floor shrinkage and seam

4. Pay attention to the water consumption for cleaning

the daily cleaning and maintenance of the floor is also a necessary process in household maintenance. The general stains on the floor can be treated with a soft dry cloth. If there are stains that must be cleaned with water, it is best to clean them with a twisted dry cloth without dripping water. After the floor is cleaned, open the window for ventilation as soon as possible to ensure the dryness of the ground and avoid the floor being soaked in a humid environment for a long time

5. Frequently do waxing treatment. The most important thing to maintain the wooden floor is waxing treatment. Generally, the floor at home needs regular waxing work. Waxing can not only keep the ground bright, but also effectively block water, dust and air, avoid moisture intrusion, and effectively extend the service life of the floor

damp proof and dehumidification of furniture. Deal with damp furniture in time to avoid small problems from getting bigger and troublesome. The long-term high temperature and humidity in summer make many furniture and walls “ Drink enough water ”, If it is not handled in time or maintained regularly, it is likely to have an irreversible impact on home decoration. Therefore, in the humid and rainy summer, regular inspection and maintenance of the furniture environment can also help us better maintain the home environment. Furniture affected by moisture shows that rattan furniture, wood furniture and iron furniture are in the majority in general. Iron furniture is generally not easy to be disturbed by moisture when the antirust film is complete, but it is very easy to rust and change color when there are pores in the film. Rattan furniture, because of its soft texture, is also easy to absorb moisture, and will gradually turn black after being affected by moisture, with a significant decline in toughness and firmness, and even serious decay when it is serious, Small drops of water will appear on the surface of wooden furniture in excessively wet weather, and even local discoloration or mildew will appear. If it is not handled in time, the overall frame of furniture may be deformed in serious cases

timely dehumidification treatment air conditioning can not only be used as a tool to cool down, but also act as a dehumidifier in summer. Timely opening air conditioning dehumidification in summer is the best way to disperse indoor moisture. At the same time, windows can also be opened in sunny days for ventilation, and excess moisture in the air can be absorbed through absorbent materials such as activated carbon

summer moisture-proof tips multi-purpose tools to avoid trouble. In addition to dealing with moisture problems in summer, daily maintenance is also very important. Adding a little dehumidification small items at home can save us a lot of maintenance trouble

put dehumidification bags in the wardrobe. Although the dehumidification bags in the wardrobe are small, they can greatly improve the moisture problem of the wardrobe. In summer, it is not only the wardrobe that needs moisture-proof, but also the clothes in it. Therefore, hanging dehumidification bags in the wardrobe can also solve the moisture problem from the inside. Use coffee grounds to absorb water. Coffee grounds also have the functions of absorbing water and deodorizing. After the brewed coffee grounds are dried, they are wrapped with gauze and placed in every corner of the home, which can not only help remove moisture, but also absorb the peculiar smell of the home

air conditioning refrigeration and dehumidification air conditioning can often take into account the efficacy of dehumidifiers at home in summer, which many families will ignore. Generally, air conditioning has dehumidification function. Turning on dehumidification for about 30 minutes in wet weather can effectively reduce the humidity at home

activated carbon prevents the floor from moisture. Activated carbon is the best helper to keep the floor in a good humidity environment, because activated carbon has the two-way humidity control function of moisture absorption and moisture retention, which can keep the floor in a good temperature environment for a long time without moisture and mildew

lime hygroscopic bag is similar to coffee grounds. Lime also has a good hygroscopic effect. Wrapping lime in cotton yarn and hanging it in the bathroom can effectively keep the bathroom air dry and prevent the tiles from getting damp




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